Kings and Queens

"Kings need Queens, but both fight for power over the other in this modern world... Can't believe the crazy days about to spring..."


3. Sexy Little Teases

Shortly after the four get off the helicopter, Chuck and Chase step out first, as Caboose and Clare follow behind.

Caboose watches Chuck and Chase walk, seeing as they're basically identical. "Almost twins" he thinks to himself. After his thoughts were interrupted by Clare's hand sweeping over his backside.

"Now we're even!" Clare runs ahead laughing as Caboose now follows behind chasing her down into the tunnels towards the underground hideout.

The loud clanks of metal below their boots, echo down the tunnels, yet the two worry not of the noise, as they have been living here for years and nobody ever came to complain, and find out their secrets.

Clare, taking a bad turn towards a dead end tunnel, keeps going trying to do math in her head, about if she gets cornered how would she get passed Caboose.

Caboose sprints behind Clare, unable to close the gap between the two as her skills were practically matched with his. He sees the dead end wall coming fast, and laughs about to catch her.

Clare was forced to stop and the fog of whatever's coming, distracted her from finding an escape. She turns to face him and held her arms to her body to cover any weak spots.

"Okay, Brett stop!" She laughed through her command, watching as Caboose stops not at her demand. "I'll lift my shirt up for you later, if you do!" She continued to laugh at her dumb bribes.

"Wait... Seriously?" The sound of rubber squeaked as his boots gave away with stopping him in his tracks, sliding forward he keeps balance and puts his hand over Clare's shoulder and against the wall, trying to surround her as much as he could.

"Yeah, I'll let you have a peak later." She says looking up at Caboose peering down at her with the same colour eyes as hers. "You just can't tickle me or whatever you planned to do."

"What if I prefer to tickle you than see your jugs?" Caboose smirks and pokes his finger against her side, watching her squirm slightly.

"Okay, okay! I'm serious!" Clare replies covering the spot on her side which made her laugh when she was poked. "I'll even let you have a quick touch right now if you let me go."

"You're actually serious...." Caboose's smirk turns to a gentle blush but keeps the cheekiness in his physical emotion.

"Yeah. I mean I'm sure you've seen me without a shirt before but you rarely ever get a close up..." Clare stands straight slightly feeling some comfort with him now.

"You're actually serious about letting me touch you, too?" Caboose asks looking back over his shoulder.

"Yeah! Just a little fast one... Here I'll get you started." She takes his left hand and slides it up her black t-shirt, pressing it gently against her right breast, as she removes her hand and looks down with a smirk blushing slightly.

Caboose raises an eyebrow, and keeps looking down at her, watching her short dark blond hair, drape forward over her forehead. Suddenly giving her a fast squeeze without saying anything.

"Ahhh!" Clare yells not very loudly, and removes his hand from under her shirt, and looks up at Caboose with embarrassed eyes, as her cheeks glimmered rose red.

Caboose shares the same emotion of embarrassment, and looks down at her making eye contact.

The two struggle to keep eye contact as Clare struggles to keep her head up at Caboose.

"Umm..." She quickly hesitates once but goes through the second time, giving Caboose a really fast, small kiss to his cheek, and giggles, putting her arms across her chest and running off. "Oh my god, Kaylan!" She yells, as her voice becomes slightly distant, from Caboose's area.

Caboose kind of weirded out in a good way, leaves the wall, and wanders back to the rooms to change out of his military gear, listening to the two girls have a muffled conversation, but tunes out once he closes his door, changing out of his gear, and into civilian clothes, which was a plain white t-shirt he tucked into cuffed jeans, harness boots, and a belt. He slicked his hair back into a side part pompadour and left the room. Excited for alone time with Clare later.

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