Kings and Queens

"Kings need Queens, but both fight for power over the other in this modern world... Can't believe the crazy days about to spring..."


5. Alone Time

Caboose in guilt follows Clare, coming up beside her.

"Got anything fun I could do with you?" He asks with a warm smile, looking over at her.

"I don't know..." She opens the door to her room and let's her male companion in, closing it behind them.

Caboose taking off his boots sits at the edge of Clare's bed.

Clare sighs deeply and plops flat into bed, digging her face into her pillow, groaning from an eventful yet not a completely fun day.

"Didn't you say you would lift up your shirt for me earlier?" Caboose bringing up that conversation.

"Does it have to be now, Brett?" Clare answers with a muffled voice from the pillow.

"Oh c'mon... I sacrificed my tickles for your jugs..." He laughed.

Clare, replies with a gentle laugh.

"Yeah, okay..." She sits up.

"Don't tell anybody... Especially not Jackie, about what my breasts look like..." Clare sat up only wearing her baggy grey shirt and red panties, with a gentle blush.

"Yeah, I won't. You can trust, that I can keep a secret..." Caboose turned to her crossing his legs.

Clare did the same crossing her legs and gripped the bottom of her shirt and proceeded to lift it up, to her upper chest.

With a bit of cringe from the embarrassment from the current mood, Caboose made a face of awkwardness, which made Clare laugh slightly, which she felt not what Caboose did.

Eventually she finished lifting her shirt, holding it up over her breasts.

Caboose managed to keep his cool, blinking his eyes up at her and looked back down at her average sized chest.

"Hey, when I squeezed your chest... I heard you go tell Kaylan... What was that about?" He asked gently poking her boobs with one hand, testing how squishy they might be.

"Well, she's my best friend... Eeerrr.... Okay.!.!. I told her what I let you do to me, squeezing my breast..." She replied, feeling pretty calm about her best guy friend, giving a few pokes.

"And? What she say?" Caboose looked up at her gently pressing his hand against her left breast.

"Eh... She was just being silly saying dumb stuff she clearly didn't mean... I should've bent over for you and stuff." She giggled,

Caboose chuckles at her answer, continuing a gentle campaign in feeling her up, and taking his hands off after a while.

"Well, wha'dya think?" Clare continues to hold her shirt up, looking down at her chest for a second and back up at him.

"Heh... They're awesome..." Caboose answers, with a chuckle.

They both laugh a bit, before the sound of the door handle clicks as Kaylan walks in and gets a glimpse at Clare's chest, right before she pulls her shirt back down.

"What are you doing?" She laughs at the two sitting on the bed.

Caboose and Clare laugh, at being caught.

"Alright you got me... I was showing Brett my chest, because he didn't tickle me earlier" Clare says and let's her shirt go.

"Glad I hadn't." Caboose says and stands up putting his boots back on, and walking passed Kaylan and out the door, going back to the entertainment living quarters.

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