Not Entirely Human

I looked into her human eyes. They were mocking me. Saying this is your fault. All your fault. She's dying. She's going to forget about you. She might as well you're barely even human.


2. Puppy!

Connor: Look who we have here!

Ajax: Leave me alone Connor!
Connor: But that would be soooooooo boring!
Ajax: Can't you and your stupid football jocks go somewhere else!

Connor: We could but I don't want to! Puppy!

Ajax: Why do you call me that?
Connor: Because you're weak!
Ajax: Weak?
Connor: Everyone knows puppies are weak and fragile! Just like you!

Before I think clearly I pinned him to the ground. This is one of the "perks" of being a werewolf you don't think you just do!

Mr. Williams: Ajax! Connor! Principal's office now!

~~~~Later On In The Day~~~~

Mrs. Evans: Ajax! Are you kidding me! 

Ajax: Sorry

Mrs. Evans: Ajax I told you to stop doing stuff like this!

Ajax: I'm sorry! Connor called me weak!

Mrs. Evans: Ajax we have to work on your temper!

Ajax: I'm sorry Mrs. Evans!

Mrs. Evans: Go to your room Ajax, and wait until Mr. Evans comes home!


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