Not Entirely Human

I looked into her human eyes. They were mocking me. Saying this is your fault. All your fault. She's dying. She's going to forget about you. She might as well you're barely even human.


5. No Hoods Aloud

My other classes were pretty boring until Mrs. Harper's class. It was a new semester, so we got new classes and teachers. 

Mrs. Harper: Alrighty class! We are going to introduce ourselves! First is Connor Wilkox did I say that right?

Connor: Yup!

Mrs. Harper: Come up to the class and state your name and a fact about yourself

Connor: I'm Connor Wilkox and I am the captain of the football team

Mrs Harper: Alright! Next Lilac Graces!

Lilac: Sup! I'm Lilac Graces, and I just got back from England!

Mrs. Harper: Brilliant! Next Ajax Evans!

Ajax: Umm hi I'm Aj-

Mrs. Harper: I'm sorry Ajax no hoods in my class!

I was stunned. Taking off my hood would reveal my ears. My werewolf ears. 

Lilac: Mrs. Harper!

Mrs. Harper: Yes Lilac?

Lilac: I really don't feel well!

Mrs. Harper: What?

Lilac: Please I don't feel well!

Mrs. Harper: Oh no! Would you like to go to the nurse's office?

Lilac: Can you take me there!

Mrs. Harper: Of course! Ajax just introduce yourself well I'm gone!

Ajax: Got it!


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