Not Entirely Human

I looked into her human eyes. They were mocking me. Saying this is your fault. All your fault. She's dying. She's going to forget about you. She might as well you're barely even human.


3. Mr. Evans

Mr. Evans: Ajax!
Ajax: M-Mr. Evans hello!
Mr. Evans: I am very disappointed in you!
Ajax: I know sir I'm sorry!
Mr. Evans: You have to get this under control!

Ajax: I know sir

Mr. Evans: You realize I have to ground you!
Ajax: Yes sir

Mr. Evans: Three weeks

Ajax: Yes sir

Mr. Evans: Good! Dinner will be ready in an hour

Ajax: Okay sir

Mr. Evans went down the stairs of my attic room as Mrs. Evans was coming up.

Mrs. Evan: Hey Ajax are you okay?
Ajax: I'm grounded

Mrs. Evans: I'm sorry Ajax! Did you have any plans?
Ajax: Since when did I have plans?
Mrs. Evans: Ajax 

Ajax: I'm fine Mrs. Evans

Mrs. Evan: Ajax you know you can call me Shurley?

Ajax: I know

Mrs. Evans: Would you like anything from the store? I'm going after dinner.

Ajax: Nah I'm good

Mrs. Evans: You sure?
Ajax: Yes I'll be fine 

Okay you know how I said Mr. and Mrs. Evans were my saviors? I was mostly talking about Mrs. Evans. Everything used to be okay until I grew up. Mr. Evans expects me to be perfect. Soon dinner was ready, and I went downstairs only expecting more disappointment and shame from Mr. Evans.

Mr. Evans: Ah Ajax there you are!
Ajax: What are we having?
Mrs. Evans: I mad steak your favorite!
Ajax: Thanks Shur- I mean Mrs. Evans

Mr. Evans: What did you learn today?
Ajax: Umm

Mr. Evans: Oh that's right you had to go home today!
Ajax: I'm not feeling to well

Mrs. Evans: Ajax! Wait!
She tried to go after me, but I went into my room. I guess she decided to leave me alone. A smart choice on her point.



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