Not Entirely Human

I looked into her human eyes. They were mocking me. Saying this is your fault. All your fault. She's dying. She's going to forget about you. She might as well you're barely even human.


4. Her

I put in my earphones. I needed a distraction. I don't know why. I just needed one. Slowly I finally drifted to sleep.

Mrs. Evans: Ajax! Time for school!

Ajax: Coming!

I got ready, and finally I got into the car, and Mrs. Evans drove me to school.

Lilac: Ajax! 

Ajax: Lilac you're back?

Lilac: Yeah!

Ajax: How was England?

Lilac: It was great! It was so beautiful there!

Ajax: I bet it was!

Lilac: How was school Wolfy?

Lilac was the only person who gave me a chance in elementary school. She of course know that I'm a werewolf.

Ajax: Usual I guess

Lilac: Well we better get to homeroom 

Ajax: Yeah we should

*In Homeroom*

Connor: Looky looky!

Lilac: Back off Connor

Connor: Aww look your bodyguard is back

Ajax: Seriously just go away

Connor: What are you going to pin me down again?

Lilac: You did what?!

Ajax: Yeah I will if you don't get out of my face

Mr. Williams: Alright! Connor! Take your seat!

Connor: Of course sir

Lilac: You really pinned him down?

Ajax: Yeah, I know it was bad

Lilac: No Ajax good for you! He deserves it!

Ajax: Yeah he does

*Bell rings*

Lilac: See you Ajax! 

Ajax: See you!


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