Not Entirely Human

I looked into her human eyes. They were mocking me. Saying this is your fault. All your fault. She's dying. She's going to forget about you. She might as well you're barely even human.


1. Life Story

I'm Ajax. Yes I know I have a weird name. I'm not entirely human. I'm a werewolf in a world of humans. You read that right. I never knew my parents, so I don't know how I became this. I was left behind. Bounced between foster homes for 8 years. Until some lovely couple decided to keep me. They were my saviors. My glimmer of light. They put me in public school where you guessed it I was bullied. I was bullied until middle school. Where I transferred schools. I wore a hood over my ears and a mask over my mouth to hide my teeth. My tail was harder to hide on the other hand, but I made it work. I was the person who wouldn't talk in the corner of the room. Then came high school where well you're about to read what happens. Now that you know my life story onto the reading!


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