Isn't She Lovely

Cloe moved hoping for a new life away from her family but she got more than what she was expecting. Cloe got a concert ticket and a future.


2. The golden ticket.

Cloes pov

It's 6am and I'm sitting by my window just watching the sun rise. The sunrise here seems different than the one back home. I sat watching for a few more minutes until I finally realized I needed to get ready for work. I've only lived here a month but I found a job at a local coffee shop called "Coffee Cycle". It takes me around 40 minutes to get ready for work. I decided on wearing a dark green shirt with black skinny jeans and a pair of heeled boots. I got to the bus stop at 7:15 and waited about half an hour before the bus got to my stop. While I was waiting for the bus I decided to listen to my favorite radio station 94.7NewPop. During one of the conversations the radio hosts were having they brought up a contest they'll be having later today. The 16th caller will win 1 concert ticket to tomorrows One direction concert. I didn't pay much more attention to what they were saying after that because my bus finally arrived.

I arrived at work at 8am,I was the first one there so I had to open the doors and clean up from the night before as well as helping customers, and by 8:30 it was extremely busy. We are a very small coffee shop so when I say we're "busy" I mean we have more than 15 people in the shop. The entire day was busy so I was pretty excited when I got done at 8pm.

I was the last worker at the shop so I locked up then started making my 15 minute walk home since there were no buses this late. During my walk home I decided to listen to the radio again. After 2 songs the hosts started talking about the contest again. Phil, the main host, said "Here's your chance to win 1 ticket to the SOLD OUT One Direction concert tomorrow night at 8pm". I decided to call and see if I could win. The phone was ringing and I didn't expect anyone to answer because the chances of me winning were little to zero but suddenly I hear Phil.

Hello caller what's your name?

My name is Cloe (pronounced clo)

Well hello Cloe. You might want to take a seat because you won the One Direction ticket!!

I couldn't believe it. Even though I wasn't a fan of One Direction I was stunned that I won.

Oh my god! Thank you so much.

It's no problem, now how about you tell everyone what radio station just gave you a golden ticket to the biggest boy band around.


Okay now just stay on the line and we'll transfer you to our secretary so she can email you the ticket.

By the time I got through to the secretary I was at home almost asleep on my couch. She asked me simple questions like my name and address then she emailed me the tickets.

After awhile I realized that I've never listened to a One Direction song before so I spent a few ours and listened to ALL of their albums.I really enjoyed their first album and I thought overall their music was good but I got kinda bummed when I found out that Zayn guy left the band, he is a really good singer. During the last album I started feeling really tired and I fell asleep on my couch midway through the last album.

*Again sorry if it's weird looking, I'm writing on my phone. Also please leave a comment on what you think. I'm not amazing at writing but I feel like it's a good start. I'm also going to try to post a picture of what Cloes outfit kind of looks like*





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