The people of the shadows.

This story is one I did for my college English class. I don't know if I should write more or not but I remember being so worried on what grade I would get. I got a 100%, so I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think.


6. The end.

             I walked through the sea of people, trying to pick a good enough person for him to eat. I locked eyes with one person, she had long black hair and she was dressed in all white. Now to lure her out "H-hello can you help me, it's my parents they seem to be hurt." She looked confused but followed me into the ally, I walked behind her slowly i pulled out my knife, as i raised my knife to strike a gun went off. Once, twice, three times i fell to the ground and the woman in front of me vanished into the shadows. "ALEX!!" He nelt down beside me, and i smiled up at him. " Eat my flesh." He hesitated at first than started to devour me. I laughed, and laughed till i couldn't breath.

   The last thing I seen was my beloved Alex and his blood stained lips.

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