The people of the shadows.

This story is one I did for my college English class. I don't know if I should write more or not but I remember being so worried on what grade I would get. I got a 100%, so I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think.


5. Downfall.

            When I walked into the room, Alex grabbed me by the belt loops making my body press against his. He trailed kisses up my neck and when he got my mouth he nibbled and licked my lips asking for entrance. I of course granted him access. When he pulled away he kissed my forehead, and I said " I love you too, Alex." I picked my bag off the from where is dropped out of my hand. Than grabbed my keys and got in the car, Alex already in the passenger seat. I started to drive to school and out of the corner of my eye I watched as Alex tried to manipulate his shadows into forming clothes. I mean it didn't only the people he allows can see him, than again him being naked is quite distracting.

         Later in the week I started to worry about Alex, he was fading away. I need to kill tonight, with that thought I started to get dressed for the evening. I changed into all black clothing, packed my knives and a gun into its holder. I thought of a worthy target. When I started to walk out the door, Alex charged me. Slamming me against the wall, holding me there with a sad expression, he had a black gooey substance leaking from his eyes. He leaned down and picked me up by my thighs, I wrapped my legs around his waist, than i tried to wrap my arms around his neck. He grabbed and pinned them above my head and than he leaned down and kissed me roughly. I moaned against his mouth and he took it as an invitation to slip in his tongue. I started to feel dizzy kissing deeply like this, his hands went under my shirt and he mumbled something. "Alex don't be so bent out of shape because of this. I have to do this, I cant let you disappear again. I love you, Alex. I love you s-so muc.." He cut me off by kissing me again. He let go of my hands and i wrapped my arms around him and buried my head into his neck. " I love you too, Sammy." I almost stopped breathing, he has never spoke to me so clearly before. My body shook from crying so viciously. He let me go and my legs buckled, i fell to the floor. Refusing to stay there i ran out of the house. Alex trailing behind me.


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