The people of the shadows.

This story is one I did for my college English class. I don't know if I should write more or not but I remember being so worried on what grade I would get. I got a 100%, so I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think.


4. Bitter truth

                        When I was little my parents were murdered and I was forced to be a lab rat, they much have tested a thousand different things on my body. It was terrible but Alex saved me and than we slaughtered everyone in the lab than escaped. As we were running we got stopped by an old couple who took me to the emergency room. When I woke up I was in bandages, and there were shadows seeping out of every corner of the room. They were slithering up and down the walls and across the floor. When the doctor came in Alex was behind him.

             Since than I have killed over 375 people all around the world. I think the only reason I haven't been caught in because everyone I kill, I serve on a silver platter with bone sauce. (I am a killer cook). Plus no one expects a 16 year old boy as sweet as me could ever kill someone. I have straight A's in all of my classes, my rent is never late, and I have never showed up late to work. I have a car, food, and I am a famous manga author. I admit as a guy I don't have a healthy diet. I live on take out and microwaveable meals. Pepsi and bottled water are the only drinks in my fridge. There is other food in the fridge because Alex likes to cook.



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