The people of the shadows.

This story is one I did for my college English class. I don't know if I should write more or not but I remember being so worried on what grade I would get. I got a 100%, so I hope you enjoy and tell me what you think.


3. Alone

                   When my friends left, I was alone. I didn't like to be alone it scared me, it was as if I was the bad person. I do what I need to do to survive. I watched as a shadowy figure walked toward me, it was just Alex. The bed dipped as he slid in next to me, he was the only one who never left me. When he eats the flesh of a human he becomes a human. A shadow can last a week on devouring human flesh, but if the human loves a shadow and the shadow eats them, that shadow can be human for a life time. I watched as the black tendrils faded away, and a blond haired, green eyed boy took it's place. I am glad he ate that women because now I am not so alone I have something to love. I have eaten flesh but prefer blood, so I feed all the flesh to people I know. 

                 Alex opened his eyes and looked at me, he smiled happily and kissed me. I kissed him back letting him tangle his hand in my hair. His lips were ruff and blood stained but I didn't feel disgusted. I found comfort in it. I laid my head on his chest and closed my eyes, I listened to his heart beat, it was slower than most humans but it was still there. When I woke up, Alex had his arms around me, I looked at the clock and huffed. It was time to go to school. I wiggled out of his grasp and put a pillow in my place, he hugged in close and muttered something I couldn't comprehend. I went to take a shower, when I got out, I got dressed and got all my stuff together.





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