A Woman's Dream

Mia Steven is a 27-year-old single woman who agrees to live in a house with 3 supposedly attractive men. She didn't expect to fall in love with one of them.



  Next Day- 8:57

   I can't believe it took me so long to get here. I should've woken up a bit earlier instead of watching 50 Shades Darker. "1998," this must be the place. I find myself looking at a wealthy gated house. "Wow, I can't believe this is where I'll be staying," I say amazed. I push the button on the gate. "Who is it," a husky male voice says on the gate speaker. "Mia Stevenson, I," before I got to finish my sentence the gate opens up wide. A tall light skinned guy, with clear skin, a nice figure with a slim jaw line and cute dimples wearing spiderman pajamas opens the door before I even get the chance to knock.

   "Only two of us are her now," he says offering to carry my bags but I quickly decline. "My name is Andy Smith," he says with a sexy husky voice gesturing his hand to continue inside. As expected the inside of the house looks amazing, lots of space, flat screen t-v hooked up to the wall and a few framed pictures of the city. Everything seems to be in order and surprisingly matches in a way. "You can sit on the couch. Make yourself at home beautiful," he says making me blush a bit. This gray couch is really comfortable and it smells so good in here, like lavender and a bit of lemon kind of smell.

   While looking around I notice a picture of three guys in a picture. The one on the left must be the guy I just met. I wonder who the other guys are like. Andy seems very vigorous and fun. The other two like adult male models from a magazine. I hear the sound of a door open on the right. "Andy, where are you? I need help carrying all this," says a familiar voice that sounds like the guy I heard over the phone yesterday. I turn around and see a tall Asian guy with a typical David Beckman hairstyle, a snake tattoo on his right arm, with a matching black and white suit on that clearly shows he may have a six pack. He notices my presence by staring at me with a cute dazed expression. I suddenly hear soft footsteps pass by me.

   "Dylan, this is the woman you were talking to yesterday," says Andy walking pass him to go out the door. "Wow, you're hot," I accidently blurt out. "Oh, thank you," he says putting his bag of grocery down on the floor, then sitting by me. "I didn't think I'd get to live with such a beautiful woman," he confidently says. He already seems like a fuckboy with just those words. "Well, I didn't think I'd get a chance to live with such 'men'. "Is there a reason why you put such emphasis," he says sounding bothered by how much emphasis I put on the word men.

   "Well, anyway. I hope you enjoy the five months here, a chance to marry one of us.," he says smiling showing his attractive dimples then getting up. "Wait, what?! I thought this was a 'spend time with lonely guys' kind of thing.That's what my friend had told me," I say looking at him with a death stare.

   "Well, lady, ypour friend missed something out. This is a game, an arranged marriage for a chance to win money, but also marry one of us. You just happen to be the winner. You can drop out now If you want. The door is literally wide open for you to leave," he says walking towards what seems to be the kitchen.

   "Ava, I'm gonna kill you," I mumble under my breath. "Huh," he says thinking I was talking to him. "Dylan, did you get that dumbass anti-social geek yet. Why do you always make me carry stuff for you," Andy s suddenly pops up with gallons of water? "Can I have some time to think," I tell Dylan. "Sure, take all the time you need," he tells me sitting down on the couch then turning the t-v on.

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