A Woman's Dream

Mia Steven is a 27-year-old single woman who agrees to live in a house with 3 supposedly attractive men. She didn't expect to fall in love with one of them.


3. This might be my idol guy

   "I've thought about it... and... I'm... going to stay," I say trying to finish my sentence. "Great," Dylan says with a smile on his face.

   "I'll go get Mason," he says. My eyes follow his body towards the stairs, "Mason, come downstairs," Dylan yells from standing near what seems to be two flights of stairs. While Dylan was walking away from where he was standing. It felt like all things froze at that moment. A half naked tall guy with nice facial hair, wearing black glasses carrying a large box came walking downstairs with sweat falling down his face. "Good, now there's one more person to help. Beautiful Queen, would you mind helping me along with those other two imbeciles," the guy says with the sexiest British accent that I've ever heard.

   "Su.sure," I say feeling like a shy teenage girl trying to confess to her crush. To be honest, I was shy when I was younger, but that changed."Wow, Mason," now you come downstairs, I've told you to come down before, but you didn't. Always listening to Dylan, bro. What is he, your owner," Andy says sounding pissed off, but ends up laughing hysterically?

  "Actually, that was revenge for what you did yesterday. You texted my mother and told her I was out having a one night stand," he says angrily with a British accent. Andy looks at Dylan and Dylan gives an 'I have nothing to do with this look'. 

   "So, what's  this box for," I ask Mason. "This Beautiful Queen is a surprise," he says smiling my way then turning his gaze back to Dylan and Andy. " My name is Mia Stevenson by the way," I tell her since I figured he might not know.

  "I know, I like Beautiful Queen better," he says in a sexy British accent smiling at me again, but this time making me blush a bit. "Mason, stop with your cheesy words," Andy says annoyed.



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