A Woman's Dream

Mia Steven is a 27-year-old single woman who agrees to live in a house with 3 supposedly attractive men. She didn't expect to fall in love with one of them.


1. Hello Sexy

"Ava, I've told you hundred times I am not going to live in a house full of guys.," I tell her, opening the door to my new home. "Mia," Ava says calmly. "They're three hot men and you're single. It's not like they're going to rape you or sexual assault you 24/7," Ava continues over the phone laughing. I walk upstairs to my bedroom, laying down flat on the queen sized bed. "Okay, Mia. If you're not going to move in with those guys...What's the purpose of your queen sized bed when you're not even gonna attempt to have sex with anyone or even go on a date? A twenty-seven-year-old woman living alone should at least try to live with them. There's even a million dollar payment involved," she says sighing over the phone.

  "Million," Isay surprised laying up quickly from my bed. "You didn't tell me that," I say angrily. "Well, you never do anything just for money so I figured," she says. Then, I interrupt her. "I actually need some money for my little sister for college. "Your little sis," Ava says sadly.


9 years ago 

   "Mom, please don't kick him out. Please, Ma' kick that bitch out instead," I tell Ma, she slaps me. A slap feeling like I was punished for a severe sin. "Don't call your older sister that," she says to me angrily. "She's not the sister of mine. She treats me and Emma like trash, why are you doing this. If you're gonna tell our cousin to leave you could at least tell that demon to go back where she came from," I yell, a few tears fall down my face like a waterfall. "Emma," Mom yells to my little sister Emma. "You're going to be living with your older sister Sarah for a while," Mom says. "Mom," I yell. "She's gonna have to learn sooner or later," Ma' says pushing Emma to the bitch I call a so called older sister. My knees start to weaken as I fall down to the floor crying my eyes out while watching Emma and that monster walk out the door.


Present day

   "Mia, Hey Mia. You still there," I hear Ava calling my name over the phone. "I'm here," I say to her. I must be crazy thinking about this now. I get up from the bed then walk my way downstairs to the medium sized kitchen to make a cup of hot chocolate. That always seems to lower my stress level. "I'll try it okay," I tell her trying to reach a mug from the cabinet. "Great," she says. "I'll talk to you later Ava," I day to her. "Bye" "Bye," she replies. My stupid self is trying to put my phone down and get the mug from the cabinet. Almost falling down, I feel something or someone grab my waist. 

   I turn around and see my best friend. Wearing the usual black and red suit he wears to work, with the same dark brown afro haircut. "Sean, what the fuck are you doing here. How you get inside my house," I ask him shocked and surprised. "You left the door open, Mia, you're lucky it was me who showed up and not a killer trying to fuck you," he says laughing. I aim at kicking him in the leg, but I end up missing a few centimeters. " I see you've been doing some kung-fu," I tell him smirking. "Not kung-fu, Tai Kwon do," he says leaning on the counter then crossing his arms. He grabs the cup of hot chocolate I'm about to sip. "Hey, give it back," I yell to him attempting to hit him again.

   Suddenly, I hear my phone ringing. I move my hand to get the phone, but Sean snatches it before I get there. "Oh,My G-d, Sean. Give me the phone," I yell to him. "Who is it," Sean says answering the phone. His expression quickly changes, then he hands me the phone. 

   "Who may I be speaking to," I say flicking Sean off and he picks up the hot chocolate drinking it. "Is this Mia Stevenson," a sexy deep voice says over the phone. "Yes, this is her," I tell the person I assume is a guy over the phone. "Someone you know named Ava Bankston called and told me you're interested in the 'game'. "Game," I say puzzled. "So, you're saying you don't want to live with the three of us," he says sounding disappointed. Sean finishing my cup of hot chocolate walks to me trying to listen to the conversation. "Move," I say to Sean pushing him away. He almost slips and falls. "Hello, Ms. Stevenson," the guy over the phone says. "Yes...Uhm...yeah I'm going to be doing that," I say looking at Sean who's now sitting down watching an episode of Family Guy.

   "You can move in tomorrow. I'll fax you the information," he says. "How did you get my..." he hung up the phone. For a few moments, I stare at the phone, then start squealing like a teenage girl.

   "What is it, you on your period," he says to me laughing. "Shut up, dickhead," I tell him while sitting on the couch. I snatch a caramel popcorn from his hand. "What the," he says surprised. "This is my house and you drunk my stress reliever drink. This is part of my revenge," I laugh. "So what episode is this," I ask him.

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