Every Good Girl Needs a Bad Girl Best Friend

August Rebeca Franklin has always been on top of the food chain with her best friend Natalie Merlin. They both love to sing and are very good too. As you may know sometimes being teachers pet has it's perks and Nat and August definitely are loving them, especially when a certain green eyed, curly haired boy comes into the picture.Even though August seems like your typical good bad girl, the story of her dark past is just waiting to be told.


1. When we first met

August's POV
        "Lets take it from the top." I yelled to my best friend Nat over the loud instrumental we had been singing to.
        Nat game me a look of total aggravation "We've been up here for hours! It's the first day before spring break and the last day of the second trimester. Mrs. Poxon loves us already why are we always busting our butts for her?" Nat was right we had been in the recording studio for hours on this the Sunday night but I'm a perfectionist and everything about this song needs to be spectacular before we present it to Mrs. Poxon(dance teacher) and Ms. Bennedick(music teacher). See, we go to one of the top musical boarding schools in America and this is our last year so I just want to make everything perfect before our second to last show tomorrow. "Plus August it's way past curfew and you know we're suppose to be in our dorms already!" She reasoned with me.
        "Okay fine Miss. Goody two shoes! Let's gather our stuff and head out." I laughed. She playfully punched me but gathered her stuff anyway.
                                                                                Next day before the show
"Hey Nat, August I want you to meet One Direction!" Mrs. Poxon said as she stood with the five boys.
        I just nodded and showed a fake smile but Nat was beaming. She was always a major fan and right now she looked like a complete idiot. "Hello loves." They all said with a smile.
        "Hi I'm August." I introduced. Mrs. Poxon had gone to work with the tech geeks so we could get this show on the road.
        "I assume you know who we are considering shy girl here has yet to say a word. But I think she'll be even more  happy when we tell you guys that we'd like you to go on tour with us and record with us this semester threw the summer! It would be great honor working with such talented ladies." said Harry like it was this huge honor for both of us. Which it would be if I were a fan and I was even remotely interested on going to England, which I presume is where we will be going because that's where they all live and that's where their recording studio is. England and I sort of have a history. I was born in Homes Chapel(same place as Harry) but I moved here when I was ten because my mom died and I never had an amazing relationship with my father. My father is a police man who may or may not have ticketed Harry more than a few times. So, let's just say my dad and the boys aren't BFFL's or anything of the sort. Although I love England every time I go I think of my mom.
        "I'm Natalie but my friends call me Nat and we'd love-" Nat almost replied for us before I cut her off and said "We'd love to but we can't." Nat looked at me and gave the puppy dog eyes she always seem to think work on me but don't. So I looked directly at her and said "We have school and graduation." 
        "Already taken care of. I guess you guys are doing well at school because the principle said you get to graduate early and get college credits for coming with us. Your parents said it was fine as well. So are you interested?." He asked.
        Nat looked at me with concern in front of pleading eyes because she knows how I feel about England. So I argued with myself. On one hand this would be a huge opportunity for our careers and August obviously wants it but on the other hand it might bring back a few unwanted memories. So finally I asked "When do we have to leave?"
        "This weekend on our luxurious private jet." Said Nial with a smile.
        "Please August!" Nat silently  begged.
        "Where would we be staying?" I asked hopeful.
        "You would stay in Homes Chapel at Harry's house and Nat would stay at Zayn's temporary house also in Homes Chapel." Liam answered. My hear sunk and I'm pretty sure Nat's did too.
        "How come we have this incredible opportunity? I mean we go to a magnet school and there are other singers and dancers here." Nat told them.
        "I think you might have the best teachers in the world because they sent a video in to our management and talked you guys up like crazy!" Louise said. We were the luckiest girls in the world!
        "Wow!" I breathed
        "Sorry boys we will have to decline." Said Nat because she already knew what that meant.
        "Actually we'd love to go. Nat is a huge fan of you guys and I guess I kinda like your music so it would be really amazing to tour with you guys and get our name out there." They all looked as if they had just won a great battle.
        "That's good because I think Nialler over here is starting to fancy Nat and I couldn't help but realize how much you and Haz have in common." Liam said with a cheeky grin.
        "Well, it seems like my girl's interested too. But me on the other hand have to pass cause see I sorta... " I lost my words.
        "Oh. Do you have a boyfriend of something?" Harry asked with a tint of concern.
        "No, no time. Music  takes up at least 70% of my day and then I have to sleep and eat but I'm also kinda a party girl. Not really great with commitment so..." I half lied.
        "See you and Haz do have a ton in common!" Zayn looked to the rest of the guys besides Harry and said "I bet you 50 bucks that by the end of the tour the have either dated of hooked up!"
        "No! I would not bet against that. I believe you, man." Louise joked. They all nodded in agreement with Lou.
        "Hey, I'm not that predictable!" Harry said. We all laughed for a second before my phone started to vibrate.
        "Oh, Shit! Nat we have to preform in 30 minuets and we haven't even gotten ready yet. Sorry guys we gotta go! See you after the show!" I rushed. We all said goodbye and we rushed backstage to get ready. While I was thinking just a minuet before the show the last thing I thought was:
Did I make the right decision or did I just bring back a whole bunch of shit back into my life?     

A/N- I hope you guys like it! I know it was a little short, I guess I was just testing my waters. I would love feedback so that I can fix my mistakes. This is my first story so please bare with me. If I see people reading it I will update regularly ;)

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