Every Good Girl Needs a Bad Girl Best Friend

August Rebeca Franklin has always been on top of the food chain with her best friend Natalie Merlin. They both love to sing and are very good too. As you may know sometimes being teachers pet has it's perks and Nat and August definitely are loving them, especially when a certain green eyed, curly haired boy comes into the picture.Even though August seems like your typical good bad girl, the story of her dark past is just waiting to be told.


2. Concert

A/N- The songs that August and Nat sing are (for proposes of the story) "written" by them.  
Harry's POV
Wow, August is so beautiful. She's different from any of the other girls I've met. She doesn't care that we're One Direction. Not that I don't love my fans, I do. I just don't always like being treated like I'm some holy god from heaven. August is like my dream girl she's badass, she can sing, she's mature-wait what am I thinking I just met this girl. I can't like her. Harry Styles does not "like people".
        "Look mate. The concerts starting." Said Louis from my right. 
There were some great opening acts but now the one we came to see was finally here and I'm so nervous for the girls. The lights dimmed and there were two spot lights at opposite sides of the stage. Then music started to play. It sounded really edgy to me. Two girls come into view with their backs turned.
Nat: white body suit

(Fancy by Iggy Azalea Ft. Charlie XCX)

August: Black sexy body suit

Wow. August looked so sexy and beautiful. There's no denying that I'm attracted to her but I feel like there's something more I'm feeling towards her. I just don't know what it is yet.  All the sudden I'm awakened from my trance when Niall starts talking to me. "Wow. They're amazing!  It's like they were born on the stage."

        "Yeah. That's the type of talent we need for our tour." Exclaims Zayn.

        "How are we going to  tell them that we only need one singer and a extra back up dancer?" Says Liam. And he was right. They're both very talented so it was a huge problem about who we were going to pick to open for us and who is going to be just a backup dancer. The person that we pick will also do a duet with one of the boys and it's going to be what makes them-aka August or Nat- go public. That will make their career. 

        "I think the obvious choice for the singer is August!" Says Liam.  

        "Yeah, me too." They all chorused. We all internally knew that August was the one for the job but we were afraid to tell them cause we didn't want to hurt Nat's feelings.


August's POV

We both got off stage thinking "Damn that was incredible!". That was a good performance but it was also our last. Regardless of whether we go on tour with One Direction or not, this was the last performance of the year. It was a sad thought: We had been on this stage countless times over the past five years and this would be our last. Nat and I hadn't't always been on stage together though.

Flashback(1 week after their first concert) in 3rd person POV
"Please don't kick me out Mrs. Poxon. I'll do better I promise!" Nat pleaded. It seemed hopeless. Nat missed one note and with that one step. She had to stay at the academy though. She was born to dance. Just as Nat was starting to give up she glanced to the side and saw the most popular girl at school, August. Although this was only the girls first year at the academy, August seemed to  have been placed at the top of the pyramid right from the start. All the students and teachers loved her because she was the best. But Nat had never really talked to August before. She didn't know anything about her besides her great capabilities in music and dance. Then suddenly the sound of arguing pulled Nat from her thought as she faced August fighting for Nat's cause.        
        "Hello Mrs. Poxon! Is there a problem here?" Greeted August.

        "Oh no dear, its nothing. We were just saying goodbye to Nat." Said Mrs. Poxon. August's face turned very curious any worried so Mrs. Poxon continued "Nat is no longer meeting our performance expectations. She-"
        This time Nat had somthing to say "I told you I'll do better. I'll practice extra hard. I'll put a hundred and twenty-five percent into everything I do. Please!!!!"
        August felt bad for Nat. They may not have known each other well but that didn't mean august wouldn't do anything in her power to help a fellow student and performer. Ten suddenly it was like a light bulb turned on inside Nat's head. "Mrs. Poxon, what if I helped Nat with all of her studies. She could even preform with me until she gets back on her feet. I assure you in no time Nat will be exceeding the academy's acceptations." August said. Mrs. Poxon still looked a tad uneasy about the idea so August added "You have my word." 
        Finally after several moments of decision making Mrs. Poxon smiled "Okay but consider yourself on Prohibition Miss. Merlin." and with that she walked away. OMFG Nat thought. I cannot honestly not believe that August just did that for me. She just risked her whole career for me, her whole future.
        "Thank you so much! But why would you risk so much for someone you barley know?" Nat asked August. August pondered it for a second, why did she just risk so much for Nat?  
        "I guess I can see how much potential you have to make it big somewhere. I do think though that you're putting most of your focus on something you don't really care about. I saw your performance. It's evident that you love to dance!". August was right Nat loved to dance. Nat just waned to impress her teachers. 
        And from then on August and Nat were never apart and Nat's talent was never questioned again.
End of flashback

August POV:
Even though I don't wanna go to England, I'm sure as hell glad that my adventures with Nat are not over. I honestly don't know what I would do without her.  She's a part of me that I can't live without.

A/N- Wow, I can't believe August did that for Nat. What do you think the  guys are going to do about their big decision? Sorry I took so long to update, I wanted to make this update perfect for you guys!  





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