x is inside all of us.
x is the small shadow hiding behind the masks, which all of us carries, but which most of us pushes away.
Do you greet x with open arms, or do you push x away, pretending it was never there in the first place?


1. x

x is a normal person.

x is sitting in its room.

x is looking at the pictures.

The pictures show x on a vacation.

x looks happy.

x is not happy anymore.

Because x has to be thin.

And x has to be pretty.

x has to be sweet and able to talk with people.

Are x those things?


x is broken.


x is not good.

x is scared.

Because what if x is imperfect?

What if others does not like x?

x is scared.

Scared of being different.

Scared of making decisions.

Scared of dying.

Scared of being sad.

Scared of living.

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