A morning with Daddy

A little gets waken up by her Daddy, and they have a lovely time together.

Warning and disclaimer: This story contains sexual scenes, and mature themes, and it is read at your own risk. If you do not like dd/lg, do not read this story. I do in no way support incest or anything like that.


2. Waking up

I woke up by something warm pressing against my pussy. Thinking that it was just your leg between my my legs, I mumbled something ununderstandable, and snuggled under the blanket. I soon realized that it wasn't your leg. Something began moving up and down, rubbing on my clit, playing with it. I almost instantly let out a yawn, and opened up my eyes.

"D-Daddy?" I looked at you, and you looked back at me, smiling, like I just gave you the best gift ever.

"Shh, baby" you said, using your sweet voice, and it made my heart melt almost instantly. You pulled down my boxers, as you kissed my cheek. "Just close your eyes and enjoy it, okay?"

"Yes, Daddy," I answered with a little voice, closing my eyes as I tried to hold back the moans. Your fingers were rubbing all the way up and down along my lips, your thumb caressing my clit. I soon felt the juices running down on the bedsheets.

"What a naughty little girl you are," you no longer used your sweet voice, but instead you talked in your deep dominant voice. I was unable to answer you, as I was trying my best to keep quiet. "Let it out, babygirl, let Daddy hear that you want him to continue,"

That was all it took. I started moaning out loud, as I moved my hips against you, making your fingers push more against my private parts.

"Tell Daddy what you want, little one, do you want him to play with your clit?"

"Y-Yes, Daddy! Please!" I said it louder than I had intended to, but I was slowly losing control of myself. "Please, Daddy, fuck me, please," I moaned as I tried to push against you.

You started rubbing my clit faster, your fingers moving at an extreme speed, and every second I was getting closer and closer to an amazing orgasm. Then suddenly, you pulled your hand away. 

"Lick my fingers clean now, babygirl, and listen closely to what I say, okay? Can you do that?"

You asked me with your sweet voice, as you dragged your fingers across my lips.

"Mhm," was the only answer you got, as I confused looked you in the eyes. As I sucked your fingers and tasted my own juices, you handed me one of my teddy bears. It was the squid one. "Little one, you're going to hold on tight to your little squid stuffie, okay?"

I nodded my head, confused, as I was licking your fingers clean. Still using your sweet voice, you continued to the question you knew I would ask, almost like you could read my mind. "Why?" You asked, after which you switched to your dominant voice. "Because I'm going to fuck you so extremely hard, that's why."

Before I had time to complain, you handed me the teddy bear, which I immediatly grabbed tight. Then you pulled me on top of you, holding me by the waist, making me spread my legs on your belly as I sat up. Quickly I put my hands on your chest to keep my balance, which made me drop my teddy bear.

"Little one," you said, moving your left hand away from my waist and grabbing my stuffie.

"What did I say? Didn't I tell you to hold on tight to the squid? Are you disobeying me?" Your voice was stern, and it made juices flow from my pussy down on your belly.

"Oh, she likes it. What a nasty girl you are, making your owners belly wet. Do you think that's okay?" Your voice was still stern as you asked, and before I had time to answer, your right hand hit my ass.

"Ow!" I let out a complain as your hand hit me, and your other hand gave me the teddy bear, which I grabbed hard, losing a bit of my balance as I was only having one hand fully on your chest.

"You're not allowed to complain. You're my slave, and you take my punishments whenever I want you to," you said in a deep voice, making me even more wet as I moaned.

"Yes, Daddy, I'll take it."  

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