A morning with Daddy

A little gets waken up by her Daddy, and they have a lovely time together.

Warning and disclaimer: This story contains sexual scenes, and mature themes, and it is read at your own risk. If you do not like dd/lg, do not read this story. I do in no way support incest or anything like that.


3. Pleasure

Yet another time, your hand hit my ass, making it feel warm, while my pussy felt even more wet. "Now, babygirl, you've made me all hard, what can we do about that?" Placing both hands on my waist you lifted me a bit, holding me on top of your hard cock. "Ready?" You asked, only giving me a few seconds to think before you pulled me down, making your cock go all the way inside me.

"Y-Yes, Daddy," I moaned, breathing heavily and quickly as a single tear rolled down my chin. "Aw, my poor babygirl, she wasn't ready," you said in a moan, as you started to drag me forward. I couldn't keep the moans back, as you were moving around inside me.

With my upper body laying on you, you kissed me on my lips.

"I want to see those beautiful breasts," you said, pulling my shirt over my head, making my breasts fall down on your chest.

"You're so hot, babygirl," you said as you pulled me a bit up, making my breasts able to reach your moth. Your tounge licked my nipple, making me moan and try to push back. Quickly you took control again though, pushing me all the way back on your cock, and placing your hands on my waist again. "Now sit up and ride me, like the good slave you are,"

Slowly I sat up, enjoying how your cock got pushed deeper inside me.

However, you weren't patient, so you started pushing me back. "Ride me, I said," you mumbled as you started moving your hip up and down.

"Y-Yes," I moaned as I started going back and forth. "- Daddy," I quickly added, knowing that you wanted me to always answer you using that name. "That's my girl, good girl," you said, letting out a few deep moans as you started going up and down even quicker.

I too, went quicker forth and back, enjoying how your cock slid fast up and down inside me, hammering against my insides. My breasts were swinging up and down, as we were moving quicker and quicker.

Then suddenly you grabbed the sides of my belly hard, and pulled me down on your cock in one hard move, making me scream, both of pain, but also of the pleasure of feeling you unload inside me, filling me with your warm, hot cum.

Not being able to resist the pleasure, I too came, my back arching as I squeezed the squid that was still in my hand.

After half a minute of heavenly pleasure, my body fell down on yours.

"Daddy?" I asked with a little voice, letting go of the teddy bear and grabbing your arm instead. "Yes, little one?" your vocie was sweet, and it made my belly feel even warmer than the cum inside me did.

"Can you spank me again? Please?" I asked, my cheeks getting a red colour as I held a bit tighter around your arm, putting my face down on your throat, wiggling my ass.

"You naughty slave," you said, as you with one hand grabbed my ass and pulled me down on your cock, making your cum move around inside me. Your other hand quickly hit my asscheek, making it feel warm. "T-Thank you," I mumbled, clearly embarrased.

"I'm not done, babygirl," you said, as your hand hit my ass another time, and yet another again.

After ten spankings, I could feel the outline of your hand on my ass. "No more for now," you said as you put your hands on my back, pushing me down on you.

"Do you want me to stay inside?" Your voice was sweet, and I slowly nodded, as you felt tears on your throat.

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