A morning with Daddy

A little gets waken up by her Daddy, and they have a lovely time together.

Warning and disclaimer: This story contains sexual scenes, and mature themes, and it is read at your own risk. If you do not like dd/lg, do not read this story. I do in no way support incest or anything like that.


12. Going out

Finding the clothes that you had chosen for me, I noticed that it was a new set of black laced underwear, with a matching bra. Smiling and blushing to myself, I put it on.

Afterwards I put on the black stocking you had chosen for me, with laces at the top too, although they were hidden by the black skirt. I then put on the pastel blue coloured shirt with pictures of cats on, after which I grabbed the collar you had laid on top of everything.

“Daddy, I’m finished,” I said walking into the clean kitchen where you were sitting on a chair, doing something on your phone.

“Good girl, you look wonderful. Did you like the new underwear?” you asked with a smile as you got up and walked towards me. “Yes,” I nodded as my cheeks got a bit red, and I handed you the collar. It was the one made of black leather with a big golden ring in it. On the inside it said Daddy’s little slave, but it wasn’t visible unless you knew it was there.

“Are you ready to go for a walk?” you said as you got my coat, and took my hand. I nodded as I got dressed, and we walked outside holding each others hands.

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