A morning with Daddy

A little gets waken up by her Daddy, and they have a lovely time together.

Warning and disclaimer: This story contains sexual scenes, and mature themes, and it is read at your own risk. If you do not like dd/lg, do not read this story. I do in no way support incest or anything like that.


7. Breakfast part 3

You then started sucking it, making me moan even more, as I pressed my crotch against your hand, and my upper body against your mouth and hand. My breasts dropped a few drops of milk, which you sucked up. While your mouth was busy licking, sucking, and biting all around my breast, your other hand was roughly milking my nipple, which you sometimes would move your head to, just so you could lick up the milk.

"Daddy, please," I moaned, frustrated because you just kept on rubbing. As you felt that I got closer and closer to having the orgasm I wanted so badly, you rubbed quicker and quicker, sucking even harder and harder.

Then, suddenly, just before I was about to come, you stopped everything, looking at me, smiling with a smile like only you could do. "Tell me what you want, babygirl," you said, lifting your head as you dragged your hand down, running your fingers across my naked skin, leaving goosebumps where they had touched.

"Fuck me Daddy, please, I want it so bad, please Daddy," I moaned. Wiggling my body I pushing against your hands. "You naughty one," you said as you grabbed my waist with one hand, the other one sliding along the lips of my pussy.

"You're so wet, my sex slave. You want me to use you so badly, don't you?" you had a sparkle in your eye as your dragged two more fingers across my lips, getting them wet with the juices drpping from me.

"Turn around, slave," you said in a stern, dominant voice, as you helped moving me around with your hands.

"Bend over the table and let me see that lovely ass of yours," I did as you said, bending over the table, making my ass fully visible to you. Slowly you moved your fingers down, making wet lines where you dragged them. I moaned as you caressed my asshole, making sure that I was wet all around it.

"You're such a good slave, you have such a wonderful ass," you said in your dominant voice, which made me breathe heavily. You placed your hard cock in front of my asshole, as you grabbed my waist.

Slowly you pushed the tip in, making me moan and wiggle, after which you grabbed my waist with both of your hands. In one hard move, you pushed deep inside me, letting me feel how my ass stretched around your cock.

You continued pushing, until you were all the way inside me, and my asscheeks touched your skin.

"You're so tight, I won't last long," you said as your hand hit my ass, leaving a red mark. "Fuck," you mumbled as you continued to spank me, switching between hitting me hard and lightly.

As your hand continuously kept on leaving red marks on my ass, you pulled yourself slowly out of me, making my legs shake of pleasure. Before being all the way out, you quickly pushed all the way inside me again, after which you quickly went back out.

After hammering in and out of me a few times, you grabbed my waist with both of your hands, as my entire body started shaking. My asshole got tight, as I came around your cock.

Pushing yourself as deep inside me as you could, you felt my ass tighten around you, and you felt how it closed after you, as you pulled yourself all the way out of me.

Giving yourself a few strokes, you came all over my ass and my back, leaving big marks of your white, warm cum on top of me.

"T-Thank you, Daddy," I moaned, being so tired and relaxed that I could barely move. Juices were flowing from my pussy down on the floor, leaving dark marks.

"Anytime, babygirl," you smiled as you said it, taking a moment to catch your breath. "Wait here, okay? Don't move before I come back," you said, as if you had suddenly gotten an idea. You went away, leaving me in uncertainty of what was going to happen.

I closed my eyes, feeling the juices running out of my pussy, and the hot sticky areas on my back and on my ass. 

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