A morning with Daddy

A little gets waken up by her Daddy, and they have a lovely time together.

Warning and disclaimer: This story contains sexual scenes, and mature themes, and it is read at your own risk. If you do not like dd/lg, do not read this story. I do in no way support incest or anything like that.


6. Breakfast part 2

Putting me down on a chair in the kitchen, I saw how you looked at me.

"Daddy, you're supposed to be eating breakfast, not eating me," I said, smiling as I blushed a bit, and tried to get eye contact with you.

"What do you mean?" you asked with a deep voice, after which you cleared your throat, while you looked me in the eyes.

"I can see how you're looking at me... like you're eating me raw with your eyes," I said with a smile, as I got embarrased. I looked away, too embarrased to keep on looking in your beautiful brown eyes.

"Well, babygirl, maybe I am doing just that. You're my property anyways, aren't you?" As you asked, you got closer to me, cupping my head with your hands.

"Yes, Daddy," I mumbled, my cheeks getting even more red than before.

"What did you say, babygirl? You have to speak so I can hear it," You lifted my chin up, forcing me to look you in the eyes.

"Yes, Daddy, I am your property," I said clear, as my cheeks got an even more red colour.

"Good girl," you mumbled as you bent down to kiss me. "I think I'll have my dessert before my breakfast today," you said without breaking the kiss, while your hands went under my shirt, cupping my breasts. You started playing with both of my nipples, which made me have a hard time trying to hide my moans.

"You don't have to hide your moans, little one," you said, only waiting a few seconds before going back to letting your tongue discover the insides of my mouth.

"Your tits are wonderful, babygirl," you mumbled, as you grabbed one of my breasts harder, moving the other hand out of my shirt. Violently you pushed the breakfast to the other end of the table, making a mess.

"Daddy, look what you-" I mumbled in the kiss, but you cut me off. "Shh, babygirl, Daddy needs to use his little one right now,"

You put one hand under my ass, while the other one was on my back. Quickly you lifted me from my chair to the table, making me lay on my back.

You removed your own boxers with one hand, the other one taking care of mine.

"Daddy, I can't do it again already, I need more ti-" again you cut me off, putting one hand on my mouth, the other one on my throat. "Don't worry, baby, I won't fuck your pussy," leaning over me, your lips hit mine, and you kissed me intensily again.

Your cock was slowly getting hard, pressing against my private parts, making me wet.

You let your hand slide down from my mouth, caressed my nipples, before letting it rub my pussy, which was almost shining with my juices.

You then moved your head down, sliding your tongue over my throat. Your hand followed it, and reached even further down, cupping one of my breasts again. You sucked on my throat as you squeezed my breasts, making marks on them both.

Slowly you let your head go further down, again you were sliding your tongue on my skin, which made my entire body wiggle as I moaned. You reached my breast, licking all around it. "You taste so good babygirl," you mumbled, sliding your teeth across my nipple.   

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