A morning with Daddy

A little gets waken up by her Daddy, and they have a lovely time together.

Warning and disclaimer: This story contains sexual scenes, and mature themes, and it is read at your own risk. If you do not like dd/lg, do not read this story. I do in no way support incest or anything like that.


1. Author's note

Warning: This is a dd/lg story with lots of sexual scenes, and a lot of content that should probably be rated 18+. I take no responsibility for how you may, or may not, feel about this content. I know it isn't for everyone, so if you don't like it, don't even bother to start reading it.


Disclaimer: Dd/lg is not incest, and I do not support incest of any kind. My story is in no way related to incest. Please do not report it, as you are reading it at your own risk.



With that said, thank you for clicking on this story, I hope you'll like it!

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