A morning with Daddy

A little gets waken up by her Daddy, and they have a lovely time together.

Warning and disclaimer: This story contains sexual scenes, and mature themes, and it is read at your own risk. If you do not like dd/lg, do not read this story. I do in no way support incest or anything like that.


9. After breakfast

After you had helped me finish my breakfast, you had send me to get ready for a shower, as you would clean up the kitchen.

I got to the bathroom, slowly taking off my clothes - which only consisted of your shirt.

Whenever the buttplug moved inside me, I felt a warm feeling pumping in my pussy and belly, sometimes making me let out a moan.

I sat on the edge of the bathtup as I turned on the water. Closing my eyes, I enjoyed the relaxing sound of water hitting the inside of the tub, waiting for you to come join me.

After a few minutes, I heard your footsteps coming closer. I opened my eyes, stood up, and held the door for you. “I already picked some clothes for you, babygirl,” you said, just as I opened my mouth, about to ask you to do just that. “Thank you, Daddy,” I said, blushing as I gave you a smile.

“I also got you one of those bath bombs, would you like that?” you asked, taking out a round thing that had been laying on my clothes. “Yes, Daddy!” I quickly nodded as I got closer to you, grabbing your arm as I got a closer look of it. “What is it going to do?” I asked, trying to read the wrapping. “You’ll see, baby,” you said with a smile, raising your arm which made me unable to read. “Fine,” I mumbled, pretending to be pouting.

“Now, is the water warm enough for you?” you asked as I nodded. “Good, then. Would you like to put the bomb in the bathtub, little one?” smiling, you gave me the ball, as I had nodded eagerly.

After letting you remove the wrapping, I put the ball inside the water, amazed as I saw how the water started to bubble, and a light purple colour was spreading. “It’s so pretty, Daddy!” I said, holding my hands as my face was one big smile.

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