My first career at Hollywood

This is a story about a random girl who is living her biggest adventure in her whole life


2. Chapter 2

*a few minutes later*

"Y/n and her friends! It's already midday! You have to get yourselves ready to go to the hotel w/ the school bus!" Your general principle shouted from his office

"We're all ready sir! Just give us a few seconds to reach for our stuff from the hallway!" You replied

"Are you leaving already?! I think that our driver isn't there... So uhh... Can we go with you guys as long as the bus will fit us all together?" Hayes asked w/ a little stress and a huge smile on his face. You smiled back and turn around to whisper something in Madie's ear and went to the principle's office to ask him if he could let the boys come w/ you in the bus, he accepted immediately after you explained the reason why.

*in front of the school's main door*

"Here we are guys! You are free to choose your place on the bus the time we put our huge bags in the back seats!" You said to the boys as you walked inside the bus. After finishing, you reached for a place when you heard a familiar australian accent talking to you " hey beautiful ;) I got you a reserved place here" you turn to right to see ashton looking at you with his hazel bright eyes smiling at you, you sat down and felt a warm weird feeling inside you but you ignore it.

*At the hotel reception*

"So what are we going to do w/ our rooms it's 12:30 am and we still have 6 hours and a 1/2 before that the competition starts?" You wondered placing your hands on your lower waist "You can be separated and each one of you can go w/ one of us!" Cameron suggested "What a brilliant idea Cameron! So that the girls can get some rest before their big show! You're a genius bro!" Ethan exclaimed of surprise "But how can we be separated as we need to be together?" Tia asked "yeah she's right because we have to be next-door when we are at a hotel..." Sali answered "you girls don't have to worry about it our rooms are not that far away from the others's ones!" Luke interrupted her "Anyway we have to get some rest before 7:00 pm" you said yawning "So let's start..."

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