To my BFF?

This is a true story. And it saved me.
So, therefore, I'd like to dedicate it to Star Wars.
Anything Star Wars: The fans, the films, the actors, if you like. Because without it all, I'd still be a shell.


1. The way things you love can give you freedom. And a kind of magic.

 I remember when it was you and me.

Best friends forever.

I remember that.


everything changed.

They'd warned me,

They'd warned me.

When we reached secondary school, we found another friend...

Or rather...

You did.

I tagged along like I always did, not minding in the slightest...

But, deep down, I did.


a strange thing happened,

I watched a Star Wars film.

Laughable, isn't it?

Star Wars the Force Awakens,

And somehow, it put a spark in me.

It gave me spirit.

It gave me courage.

And so, one lunchtime, I slipped away.

And where did I go?

I found a friend.

A friend I'd had for a year,

that same friend you hated.

The one you said was rude, was selfish, was mean.

But the truth is,

I found something in her that I have never, and will never have with you:


I can trust my new best friend.

I can tell her things that I have never been able to tell you,

things you'd always laughed at,

things you'd always tell.

And, guess what?

She's more loyal than you ever were.

So you can stay where you are,

dusty on the ground.

Because I have finally found wings.

And those wings are part of me.

Born from the thing I'd been holding back from.

Since year three.



 May the force be with you.

If you can find it, that is.

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