In the midst of a seven years war between the White army and the Evil army, two daughters were born to the two queen’s fighting against each other. On April 4th the Evil Queen bore her daughter, her little daughter and when she held Evie in her arms she could feel that the little infant possessed great talents. Snow White bore her daughter on April 6th and named the child Emma. Emma possessed great powers as well and little did both mothers know that one-day their daughters would meet and together fight off the destruction that they had unknowingly created.
When the Queen’s daughter was born, she felt inclined to put every troop member on the field because she wanted a world were her daughter could grow up and not worry about the White Kingdom. When Snow White bore Emma, Snow felt inclined to go to battle and win the war single handedly so Emma could grow up as a proper princess in a world that was rid of all evil. Neither queen knew that the other queen had bore a daughter within day


4. When the Sun Sets

The weeks passed and Snow White was defeated because she wanted her daughter but she still didn’t surrender. Robin Hood was killed and the kingdom was left without a leader to lead their army. Regina held her daughters in her arms and she stood in her balcony. Snow White had finally given up and the words spoken on May 7 were words that Regina never expected to hear. Snow White kneeled upon the ground and looked up at her stepmother. Her eyes narrowed on the ground and she spoke with the voice of a defeated queen.

“I can’t fight any longer, I don’t want to fight because this war has cost me my daughter Emma.”

“Then after you surrender you can have her back.”

Snow looked up and saw Emma in Regina’s arms. She stood up and raised her sword. She yelled a fierce battle cry and her army tore through the castle. A few hours later Emma was in her mother’s arms and Regina were holding Evie with a torn dress and with no crown. Regina should have kept her mouth shut because when Snow saw her daughter she was filled with the strength of a million soldiers. Snow towered over her stepmother and snatched Evie out of her mother’s arms.

“What’s her name because you’ll never see her again?”

“I’m not telling because you won’t have power over her. I have power over Emma and you won’t have power over the Evil Princess.”

“Fine, her name from this day forth is Arrownione Mills and she will be raised by her father Robin.”

“Robin’s alive?”

“His memory has been wiped of all memories of his dearly beloved wife.”

“I’ve lost Daniel because of you, you took Robin and now you take my daughter.” 

“You took my daughter and my father. Which one is more important?”

“That’s enough Snow.”

         Regina stood up and summoned all the forces of the universe. Emma and Snow and the entire White army were banished to a land without magic. Regina enacted her dark curse but she was too late because Evie was already gone. Regina stood were her daughter once laid and cried. She hurried to her vaults and did something that she never thought she would ever do.

         “Lets see. Raspberry cordial, night lock, nightshade, poisoned frog eyes, and black powder.”

         Regina mixed the potion and took out her favorite dagger; she dipped her dagger in the potion and hurried back to her room from her vaults. She stepped over dead servants and dead soldiers. She grew vines around her castle and went into Evie’s room. She assembled a bed from the wreckage and changed into a white wedding dress. She lay down on the bed and mumbled her last words before stabbing the dagger into her heart and falling under a deep sleeping curse.

“When the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday Arrownione Evie Mills will find me sleeping in her old room and she will wake me from this dark curse.”

         Regina closed her eyes and right before she fell into her deep sleep she heard Evie’s cry from afar and knew that it was already to late. With her last breath she hoped and prayed that someone would raise Evie and keep her safe because if somebody didn’t Regina would sleep for a hundred years. Regina’s eyes closed for one final time and as she took her last breath a purple fog covered her and preserved her body until Evie found her sixteen years later or so she hoped.


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