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  • Published: 22 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 22 Apr 2017
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In the midst of a seven years war between the White army and the Evil army, two daughters were born to the two queen’s fighting against each other. On April 4th the Evil Queen bore her daughter, her little daughter and when she held Evie in her arms she could feel that the little infant possessed great talents. Snow White bore her daughter on April 6th and named the child Emma. Emma possessed great powers as well and little did both mothers know that one-day their daughters would meet and together fight off the destruction that they had unknowingly created.
When the Queen’s daughter was born, she felt inclined to put every troop member on the field because she wanted a world were her daughter could grow up and not worry about the White Kingdom. When Snow White bore Emma, Snow felt inclined to go to battle and win the war single handedly so Emma could grow up as a proper princess in a world that was rid of all evil. Neither queen knew that the other queen had bore a daughter within day


3. Steal a Child

Regina reappeared in an empty dark hallway, she would have mistaken the empty and silent for her own if not for the white walls covered in colored birds and fluffy unicorns. This part of the castle was obviously Princess Emma’s royal chambers. Regina edged around the corner and didn’t see anyone watching the sleeping princess. Emma was asleep in a golden cradle in an entirely pink room and all her fluffy dresses hung in a large wooden closet. The room resembled her daughter’s but Regina’s daughter had a dark blue room with silver furniture and mostly black dresses.

         Emma was snuggled between two pink sheets and her face was a rosy red, not compared to Evie’s pale complexion. Regina picked up Emma’s pink bottle and filled it with formula. If she was going to be successful she had to make sure that Emma didn’t wake up. Regina picked Emma up into her arms and the little princess began to sob very silently.

“Sh sh it’s okay Emma, I got you baby, and I got you baby. Mommy Regina has you.”

         Regina held the little princess in her arms and nearly fell in love and then she heard guards coming towards her direction. She held Emma tight and vanished into a cloud of smoke. The world turned to a purple shadow and Regina left Snow’s castle with a new prize and a way to win the war against all of Snow’s antics. Regina would banish Snow White and claim Emma as her own. Emma would grow up, as Evie’s sister and Regina would have two daughters to rule her lands. Maybe she could make them seem like twins and her revenge would finally be completed.

         Regina appeared back in the safety of her kingdom with Emma sleeping in her arms. Evie was crying and so was Emma. Regina took Emma into Evie’s room and changed Emma into a dark red dress. Evie was changed into a dark blue dress. Together side by side the princesses looked like twins. The only problem was that Emma had Snow’s pudgy little face. It angered Regina but soon Emma would be her daughter and she would raise Emma with all the dark powers in the universe.

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