In the midst of a seven years war between the White army and the Evil army, two daughters were born to the two queen’s fighting against each other. On April 4th the Evil Queen bore her daughter, her little daughter and when she held Evie in her arms she could feel that the little infant possessed great talents. Snow White bore her daughter on April 6th and named the child Emma. Emma possessed great powers as well and little did both mothers know that one-day their daughters would meet and together fight off the destruction that they had unknowingly created.
When the Queen’s daughter was born, she felt inclined to put every troop member on the field because she wanted a world were her daughter could grow up and not worry about the White Kingdom. When Snow White bore Emma, Snow felt inclined to go to battle and win the war single handedly so Emma could grow up as a proper princess in a world that was rid of all evil. Neither queen knew that the other queen had bore a daughter within day


2. Snow Has a Child? Wonderful

Regina woke up to her daughter’s cries and heard the marching of soldiers prepare for today’s battle. If she were lucky this would be the last battle fought and Snow White would be brought down to her knees. If today’s battle were lost Regina would sneak into Snow’s Palace and steal what would weaken Snow the most. Little did Regina know was that she would steal a child tonight.  Regina closed her black robes around her body and stared out the window. Robin Hood was dressed in his black armor and commanding troops to move into position. He smiled up at his wife and Regina smiled back at him. Her daughter’s cries increased and Regina covered her ears with her hand.


         Regina shut the window and changed into her blue velvet mermaid dress, she took one of her daughter’s bottles from the shelf and poured in the black baby powder. Regina didn’t want Evie drinking white milk, so she used a dye to create a black glow to it. She shook the bottle and walked down the hall to her daughter’s room. Merida was holding the princess in her arms and rocking her back and forth. Regina seemed angry and almost lost her temper.

“Merida isn’t you needed in the kitchen?”

“Yes ye majesty but I heard the princess’s cries so I came up.”

“Go back to the kitchen, I have my daughter.”

“When are ye going to tell the kingdom her name?”

“When the war is over, so Snow can’t have power over Evie.”

“I heard that Snow has a daughter, her name is Emma.”

“Thank you very much, now runs along.”

         Regina took her daughter into her arms and smiled. She didn’t have to wait until the battle was over, she could kidnap Princess Emma right now while no one was in the palace and she could snatch Emma up and hold dominion over her stepdaughter. Regina fed Evie and changed the princess into a black gown. She handed her little girl to the nursemaid and whispered, “I’ll be back” before vanishing into a cloud of smoke.

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