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  • Published: 22 Apr 2017
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In the midst of a seven years war between the White army and the Evil army, two daughters were born to the two queen’s fighting against each other. On April 4th the Evil Queen bore her daughter, her little daughter and when she held Evie in her arms she could feel that the little infant possessed great talents. Snow White bore her daughter on April 6th and named the child Emma. Emma possessed great powers as well and little did both mothers know that one-day their daughters would meet and together fight off the destruction that they had unknowingly created.
When the Queen’s daughter was born, she felt inclined to put every troop member on the field because she wanted a world were her daughter could grow up and not worry about the White Kingdom. When Snow White bore Emma, Snow felt inclined to go to battle and win the war single handedly so Emma could grow up as a proper princess in a world that was rid of all evil. Neither queen knew that the other queen had bore a daughter within day


5. Evie's Return

Arrow opened her eyes for the first time in 84 years. She stood up and lifted the glass off her preservation machine. She had been sleeping since her sixteenth birthday and couldn’t wait to get out and explore what all the Enchanted Forest had to offer decades later. Arrow’s clothes were out of style and her archery skills were a little rusty. Her joints ached but her skin remained smooth and she kept her sixteen year old self. She was a hundred years old and it was time to fulfill the prophecy. Arrow could still remember what her told her right before he died ninety years ago.

“Your mother lost you ten years ago and wanted you to wake her when you turned sixteen.”

“I have to wait six years?”

“No you won’t wake her in six years. When you turn sixteen go into the coffin that you and I built together. Enact the magic and you’ll sleep for eighty-four years. Then you will find yourself in a new century and in a time that all can be good.”

“Papa, I have to wait ninety years. But my mother wanted only to wait sixteen.”

“Bad things will happen, you need to wait or Snow White will come back and your mother will kill her.”

“Papa, I can’t”

         Arrow did and she woke up with a new perspective about the world around her. She stepped out of her box and walked with pain towards the nearest creek. All the old cities and monuments had been turned to dust and she was sure that not a soul in the village would recognize her. Arrow found the nearest watering hole and cleaned up a bit. She went into town and stole a dress off of a drying line. Then she headed to the bookshop. The bookshop keeper would surely know about the location of the Queen.

         Arrow entered the shop with her new purple dress proudly displayed. She stopped at the counter and waited for the little old man to come up and speak with her. The man was about the size of a dwarf, he had a long white beard and he wore a blue denim suit. I stood at the desk and waited for him to hobble over. When he did his big blue eyes looked into my big blue eyes and he spoke.

“Princess Evie, you have awakened.”

         Memories of a queen holding me tight at night and memories of servants calling me Evie, memories of big black dresses and the sound of soldiers marching flooded through my mind. I heard an ancient spell be casted in the distance and I heard my feeble little cries from the past. I was born a hundred years ago and I was only sixteen. I looked at the calendar on the wall and it was May 7. It had been exactly a hundred years since the curse was casted and I instantly knew who slept in the castle upon the hill.

“Thank you! You have done your queen well.”

“Queen Regina stirs, you need to wake your mother.”

         An image appeared in my mind as I left the bookshop. People kneeled before me and the peasants parted to let me through. They knew that soon Queen Regina would awaken and her daughter Princess Evie would be the one to break the ancient curse that the villagers had to live through for the past century. When I broke the curse time would unfreeze and all the villagers lives would move on and people would die again. A blacksmith handed me my sword and a lady handed me my bow. A seamstress handed me a dress made of the softest fibers. I thanked her with a curtsey. My memories flooded in my mind. I was only a month old when I was kidnapped and raised by my father. I was only ten when he died.

         As I fought my way through the vines and stepped over dead servants and slayed soldiers I remembered the story of the princess that I read in my favorite book. Little did I know was that the princess was actually me and the queen was my mother. I was living a real life fairy tale. My name wasn’t Arrow it was Evie and ruling this kingdom was my destiny. I was sixteen and I would avenge my kingdom. Queen Snow might have been in a different world but I would find her and I would find Princess Emma. Wait it had been a century, never mind they were bound to be dead. I remembered why Papa had told me to wait a century.

         I came to my old bedroom door and remembered how to open the lock from the diary Papa gave me. First I would find Mom’s room and change into something a little more evil. I stepped over dead soldiers from both sides and found Mom’s chamber door. The last time I roamed these halls I had been only a month old. More or less I was carried around so I didn’t really know my way around. I walked in and found dresses thrown everywhere. I couldn’t find the wedding dress that had been a legend when I was younger then I remembered that in the book the Queen was wearing her wedding dress. I picked through the torn dresses and found one that wasn’t badly damaged and wasn’t that old either.

         I put my bow on my back and my sword in my hilt. I placed the black iron crown with black diamonds on my head and stood in the dress before the shattered mirror. I thought the curse was supposed to have preserved ever detail. In a way it had but I guess it had only saved the items that hadn’t been destroyed in the war. The dress I had chosen was a full ball gown with puffed sleeves and it was the darkest blue with black and purple details. I stood in the mirror and then looked up at the painting on the wall. It was a painting of when Queen Regina was younger and standing in front of that mirror I truly felt like Princess Evie Arrow Mills, I felt like a queen and I knew that I needed to save my mother.

         I set my weapons down in front of my nursery door and ripped out my own heart. I placed my heart into the holding place and the nursery door creaked open. There were two doors to my old room but Mother and Father used the heart lock. The servants used their own and it was locked with only the blood of peasants. If you were royalty you couldn’t open the maid door. I pushed the door open and put back in my heart. I stepped inside and saw a bed made of old baby furniture. Queen Regina was sleeping in the bed on top of the covers wearing a white wedding dress. Her hair had grown long in the past century and the purple smoke kept her perfectly preserved in time. I kneeled on the side of the bed and took her hand into mine. I spoke the words that Papa had taught me shortly after getting his memory back.

“I, Evie Arrow Mills, daughter of Regina Emile Mills summon the darkest magic from the ends of the universe, come to me and in this day, a century after the curse was laid, I ask the dark forces of the universe to wake the Evil Queen so that she and the Evil Princess might be reunited once more!”

         Nothing happened and I thought I had said the words wrong. I stood up and placed my head on her chest. Her heart was faintly beating and her breath was silent. I reached in and held her beating heart in my hand. I stood back up and held the heart tightly. I spilt her heart in half and laid it on the table. Then, I split my own heart in half. I pressed half of hers to half of mine and placed it in my chest. Now she and I were synched, what happens to her happens to me. I put my heart/ her heart in her chest and let tears roll down my face. I held her hand and looked away. I felt her hand squeeze mine and heard her whisper.

“Evie? It that you?”

         I turned around and let down tears of happiness. I helped her out of bed and embraced her with a might hug. She didn’t speak and I knew that she was overwhelmed with happiness. She had her Evil Princess back and I had my Evil Queen. That was enough for both of us. Our hearts beat in synch and wherever I am, I know that she’ll always be with me. When she dies a part of me will die and when I did a part of her will die.

“Yes Mom, it’s me. The Evil Princess has returned. Evil Evie lives on!”

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