The Death Game

The Death Game reveals the deepest part of human nature.
It sometimes shows how shallow we can be.
And sometimes how compassionate we also be.
Would you risk your life for others?

Let us begin


2. The Test

As the narrator prepared for his speech, everyone in the room became silent. Even without looking around, I can already tell that many were worried about what was coming next. And so was I. 

"The next test is simple!" He began to speak.

"If you look closely, there are two groups of people here! One tied to the chair and other who is blindfolded."

I actually couldn't notice that detail because of the fact that I was in shock because of the initial impression and not a single person here had same chair or blindfold as the others. Each had unique design to it.

"The blindfolded people will have to find the person who has the matching color with the others. Then-"

Without letting narrator finish the sentence, a mid-aged man called out to the person who had the matching color with his chair. The person immediately walked over to him and made a contact with him. But.


A single sound engulfed the entire room. The mid-aged man was sliced by an invisible knife, maybe strings, in his wrist that caused him to die by blood loss. When the blindfolded man gained the permission to get rid of his blindfold. He collapsed.

"Yeah! Great job there, buddy!" narrator simply laughed. No change in expression. Still a psychopathic poker face.

"Where did I end? Ah! Chaired person will do their best to hide away from the blindfolded person while the blindfolded person will do their best to find their matching pair!"

As soon as the explanation ended, everyone revealed their desperate actions.

"I have two children waiting for me in my house!" an office worker spoke in desperate tones. Who knows that they might not be treated well? Maybe a bad parent?

"If you want your family to be safe! You better not let me die here!" a business owner declared with sense of authority. I had a feeling that not a single person would have sympathy for him... 

"My parents will be waiting for me!" cried a child. I saw that child. He was one of the youngest murderers in our country when he deliberately killed his own parents as well as many other for unknown reasons. Its best not to be involved with them.

I found a matching color right beside me. The same wooden texture as my chair.

"Hey, bro!" the matching guy spoke to me.

"Yeah," I replied back.

"Are you my color?" he spoke.

I hesitated.

"You are right?"

All of the colors drained from my face. 

What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?

He had typical image of a guy who would easily survive through this type of events. His black swirly hair and keen eyes convinced me that saying no would mean instant death to me. 

I knew that I had to come up with something to defend myself.

No is out of choice. So what is acceptable?





I came up with the right plan.

"Yes, I am," I told the truth(?)...




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