The Death Game

The Death Game reveals the deepest part of human nature.
It sometimes shows how shallow we can be.
And sometimes how compassionate we also be.
Would you risk your life for others?

Let us begin


3. The Lie

"It is true that I am the person that you are looking for," I spoke with confidence.

"But what? Why are you telling me the truth?" the blindfolded person spoke to me with doubts.

(Is this guy trying to die?) should appear on his mind.

"From this distance, I can easily touch you-" he was interrupted by my unexpected actions. Instead of trying to back away, I remained in steady position, it can even be described that I tried to protect something behind my back. 

"You are obviously trying to hide something in the back aren't you?" he thought that the reason I lied(?) about having the same texture was because I was hiding someone behind my back. It would be more logical for a human to lie rather than speak the truth in a situation like this. The short pause could also be explained with this. 

"I caught you-" he seems to be very surprised. His blindfold was untied and what had appeared in front of his eyes was a man in thirties who had the different texture as him. 

"You had the same one..." he remarked on his mistake.

"But now that my blindfold is gone!"



The blindfold was gone but there was a defense system in his hand that prevented him, who had already touched other non-matching players, from touching the right player.

"I didn't here anything about this..." his colors drained from his face.

"You are to find your own rules. I only explain after a person dies from it!" narrator had the smile of a psychopath.

"I see. So that was why you only told about the rule after the first person died..." the bleeding had gotten worse and he soon died from blood loss. It was later told that the defense system on our hand had a knight covered with special liquid that caused blood to drain much faster.

<32/100 Survivors>

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