Alessandra is a descendant from the gods. This is what happens when her mother dies, her aunt takes her back to her father and she returns back home to Olympus. Aless is scared, her fear about losing her mother and regaining her father is her greatest enemy.


2. The Prophecy

I woke up to the sound of the carriage still rolling and the smell of breakfast. I looked up to see Regina eating an apple and talking to a little bird that just so happened to fly in. Regina tossed me an apple and smiled as I yawned and stretched and peered out the window. The sky was aquamarines blue not the traditional Oz turquoise and ever blade of grass was perfectly green and didn’t carry a gold tint from the yellow brick road. I stared at the window and watched everything roll by.

“We sure aren’t in Oz anymore.”

“No my guards tell me that we left the northern borders of Oz a few hours ago. We are now approaching the east village of Fantasia. I thought you might like to stop and get a new dress. King Robin would appreciate if his niece was dresses to her full loveliness when she came home.”

“This is a new dress. Mama made it and worked on it for three weeks. The cotton and lace was all she could afford.”

“You can keep the dress for occasions but it does have blood stains.”

         I looked down on my dress and remembered that last night Mama had been coughing blood and a few drops died up the lace a nice rust color. We rode and I munched on my apple. Regina read a spell book and then called Robin on something called a conch. She talked to him and they discussed what the people of Enchantria would do when I arrived. They knew about Zelena but they didn’t know about me.

“We can introduce her as our daughter.”

“No to do that we would have to give everyone new memories and I don’t have time to prepare for a ball. We’re stopping in Fantasia and I am getting her a dress.”

“Okay don’t spend to many crowns, we need some of that money because I have a surprise when you get home.”

         With that Regina hung up the conch and the carriage stopped. I looked out the window and found that we had stopped in the front of a beautiful fountain. The fountain had rainbow colored water and maidens were dancing around and singing. They held two flower crowns in their hands. The guard opened the door and Regina stepped out. She helped me out as well and the maidens curtseyed. I looked around and found that the fountain was the only landmark for miles. A single maiden dresses in red approached Regina and gave her a purple wreath. A single maiden dresses in green approached me and handed me a green wreath. All of the seven maidens bowed and then one spoke. She had black hair, blue eyes and was dressed in blue.

“The Black and White queen welcomes you to Fantasia your majesty. Queen Grey regrets not being present for your arrival. She asks for what you need help with?”

“This is my niece Alessandra, she is my sister’s daughter. I am here to give her a new dress for her arrival in Enchantria is going to be special.”

         “We watched the skies for your birth Alessandra and we prayed for your mother when she abandoned her sister. Your birth was foretold by Queen Grey and even though you aren’t of royal blood the bees bowed at your arrival. Your father wasn’t just a peasant, he was the long lost son of Jupiter.”

“You mean Zeus? Am I destined to be among the gods?”

         Regina looked at me and her eyes gave away all the questions that I had ever asked. My mother never told me because the day I was born my father was gone and I never saw him. Zeus took his own son to get to me. I was princess Alessandra. The maidens scattered at a figure stepped out of the fountain. She had white skin, she had black hair and her dress was made out of black with white lace. Her nails were painted black and so were her lips. She wore a white veil and a white crown. Her eyes were grey and they stared right into my soul. My aunt Regina bowed and I went down with her.

“Why Alessandra dost thou bow to me? I should be thy one bowing to thine.”

         Queen Grey kneeled and her seven rainbow maidens kneeled with her. Regina kneeled before me as well. I could tell she was just being polite and she would probably never kneel to me again. Then I heard a buzzing of bees and found the bees in the shape of another maiden. The bee maiden bowed to me and I realized that I was special. Fantasia was a place of prophecy and I wasn’t getting a new dress here. Finally every one stood and Regina put her arm around me. She and Queen Grey spoke.

“Your majesty I have brought you Alessandra. The daughter of my bastard sister and peasant brother in law; Alessandra is a peasant but she is my blood.”

“Regina thou are wrong. Thy lady Alessandra is thy daughter of Zeus’s firstborn son. Lady Alessandra is thy daughter of Ares in human form. Ares disguised himself as a peasant to rage war among the people. He was doing your bidding to defeat your own enemies. He fell in love with your sister and Hera blessed Alessandra at her birth.”

“I realize this Grey but Alessandra is also my niece. Her godly heritage won’t stand in the way of what her mother, my sister said on her deathbed. Zelena told me to raise Alessandra as I would my own and you know I can’t bear children. You know my dark past. Ares is probably with Zelena right now. Zelena is probably a goddess and she’s feasting with our mother and my father.”

“Regina thy niece is thy daughter but thy niece is also thy heir to the gods throne. Alessandra is a Greek queen. Maidens robe your queen and also robe our guest Queen Regina. Her black and red cloak is not suitable for this kingdom. You know you aren’t to wear my clothes and the clothes of Red Maiden in our presence.”

         The seven maidens gathered around me and washed my feet. They removed the blood from my dress and carefully took it off and packaged it. A guard but my dress in the carriage and I was happy that I wasn’t losing the last thing Mama made me. The maidens seemed to embrace my Greek heritage and clothed me in sapphire blue chiffon. I wore silver gladiator sandals on my feet. The ladies did my red hair up in ringlets and gave me silver cuffs for my wrists.

“Now Alessandra your Father embraces you as his own and you’re mother smiles at the color chosen for her daughter.”

“My hair is bright red and my eyes are green. I do not look right.”

“No you look like the daughter of a war god and a sorceress. Your mother Zelena was the wicked witch of the west once upon a time and you look like her Greek counterpart.”

         The maidens moved on to Regina. Her dress was torn off her body and throne into the fountain. Her guards all turned their backs and I smiled. Regina looked miserable as the maidens put her hair up and clipped it in with a gold headpiece. They robed her with white chiffon and gave her gold accessories. When they were done she stared at her reflection and stated.’

“I’m not Greek and I look like a freak. She’s the one that’s Greek. Zelena’s the one that married Ares.”

“Regina, all due respect but you are in the presence of a demi-god.”

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