Alessandra is a descendant from the gods. This is what happens when her mother dies, her aunt takes her back to her father and she returns back home to Olympus. Aless is scared, her fear about losing her mother and regaining her father is her greatest enemy.


3. The Princess is Home

We left the garden of the maidens and finished traveling to Enchantria. Regina was a little angry and didn’t speak to me for the rest of the day. For lunch the maidens had packed nothing but fruit and cheese. The ladies also gave us flavored water. When we got back into the carriage Regina changed into her old dress with a wave of a hand and a wisp of purple smoke. Regina unfortunately left me in my chiffon and uncomfortable shoes. The woman didn’t even look or talk to me for the second part of the journey. I managed to occupy myself with the hem of my dress and the magical glory of the kingdoms that we passed through.

         Towards sunset I caught a glimpse of a change of scenery. The sky was the still same blue but each blade of grass took on an amber glow. It grew a little chilly as the carriage picked up speed. We went faster and faster. The blades of grass took on frost and tress grew white. Snow began to fall and I turned to Regina. She looked at me and then went back to her watch out the window. We went faster and my heart beat as fast as it could in my chest.

“Regina why are we going so fast?”

“We are approaching our borders. Right now we are in the kingdom of Ice. More or less known as Narnia.”

“The White Witch, why must we pass through her kingdom?”

“There is another way. It involves passing through Enova and the Enovians have a rule against me. You can only pass through Enova if you have a heart as red as blood and mine’s a little dark.”

“Oh, so how long till we get home?”
“At the rate we are going a couple minutes or less.”

         I watched out the window and stared at the sculptures of ice appeared and vanished from my view in a matter of seconds. With every passing moment my heart grew heavy in my chest and I was anxious to get out of Narnia. Mama told me stories about Narnia and about the White Witch. The White Witch was Mama Cora’s sister long ago. Mama Cora was good to me. I didn’t see why she moved out of Oz and with Regina. She had raised Regina but that’s a story for another day. The last bit of ice vanished and the sun was finally down and the stars began to come out of their slumber. Each star twinkled brighter as the carriage slowed and moved at it’s normal pace. I watched out the window and smiled. Regina sat beside me and whispered.

“Princess Alessandra, daughter of Ares and the Wicked Witch. I, the former Evil Queen and wife of King Robin, I Queen Regina formally welcome you to Enchantria.”

“Regina how many kingdoms did we travel through to get here?”

“We started on the outskirts of Oz, close the Geneva’s borders. We traveled through the center and passed through the middle of the Emerald city. That took all night and all day. Then we approached Fantasia, which is a whole kingdom of fair folk, and it’s quite small. Then of course we traveled very fast through Narnia. Now we are in Enchantria. Enchantria has a forest called the Enchanted Forrest and that is were you shall grow up.”

“Where is Olympus?”

“Everywhere, you can access Olympus from exactly one mirror in each of the seven realms. Oz, Geneva, Fantasia, Narnia, Enova, Enchantria, and then one I stole from Comoros, it’s in my palace. Do you remember the seven maidens and queen Grey?”

“That was only a few hours ago.”

“The maidens and Queen Grey are oracles from Olympus. They took over Fantasia at the will of Zeus. They protect and ensure that only a handful of people can access the mirrors and use the portals.”

“What mirror colors belong to you?”
“The green one and the purple one are both in my palace.”

         Regina grew silent as she turned and looked out the window, I looked as well and watched peasants lined the streets and held torches lighting the way through the forest and onto a huge hill that was crowned with the dark palace. The carriage mounted the hill and finally reached the top. King Robin was here to greet his wife and he also greeted me.

“Regina is this her?’

“Yes Robin this is Alessandra, she’s our daughter.”

“She’s our daughter and she’s also Ares’ child.”

“Is Master Ares here?”

“Ares is waiting in the throne room.”

         Regina looked at me and smiled. My father was here and Regina had betrayed me. My mother had betrayed me. I was told that I would be living with Regina and Robin until the day I came of age. I was only fourteen and Regina smiled as both of them escorted me to my father. The palace was magnificent and it suited my aunt and uncle well. As I was escorted to the throne room I found paintings of a child that looked like me. It was my cousin Princess Arrownione. Ares had stolen her and only promised to give her back when Regina found me. Mama had told me stories about it but she was never worried.

         I felt my father’s presence as I fell at his feet. He was all clothed in a red robe and he stuck out a gauntleted hand for me to take. He nodded to my aunt and uncle and they spoke.

“Lord Ares, Princess Alessandra has made her way to you my lord.”

“I see Queen Regina, I see King Robin. Alessandra child, I have come for you. Are you ready to see your mother once more?”
“Mama became a goddess?”

“Yes and you shall be granted immortality. What is your first gift for me to bestow upon you child?”
“Give Regina immortality as well.”

“What about thy Uncle?”

“Robin Hood is to be given immortality, his old wife Marian and his son. Give him a forest full of deer to catch and a lovely little cabin for all of eternity. Give Regina backs her Daniel.”

“Alessandra you are so demanding. I am your father. I am the god of war.”

“And I’m the goddess of immortality.”

         I always was a smart ass. Finally as I stepped through the Olympian gates, as I hugged my mother and I kissed my father. I felt at home. A booming voice echoed and spoke.

“Alessandra has come home. Alessandra has come home. Rejoice for our princess is at home!”

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