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  • Published: 21 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 21 Apr 2017
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Alessandra is a descendant from the gods. This is what happens when her mother dies, her aunt takes her back to her father and she returns back home to Olympus. Aless is scared, her fear about losing her mother and regaining her father is her greatest enemy.


1. Mother's Death

My mama took a hold of my wrist as I tried to wiggle out of her grasp. Mama pulled me into the house and pulled off my raggedy blue dress. She pulled a white pinafore over my head and then forced me down into a chair. As she brushed my hair she pulled out tangles and clumps of red locks. When she was down my hair was in perfect curls and I was crying. Mama wiped the tears away with a dusty handkerchief and rolled my hair as I looked around at the dilapidated house.

         Mama tugged the dress over my head. The dress was a pale green with a little lace. Mama painted my eyes; she painted my lips and my cheekbones with the little makeup she owned in the world. She placed the silver locket around my neck and read the words out to me.

“Be true the thy own self and remember I will love you forever.”

         Mama embraced me with a hug and I stared into her eyes. I still couldn’t understand what on earth was going on but I did know that this was the last goodbye. Mama could no longer support me anymore and I had to go. I was leaving for the castle, the queen demanded my presence but when I found out that I couldn’t take my mama I refused to go. This one last time I embraced my mama and whispered.

“Mama, I don’t wanna go. What if the queen doesn’t like me?”

“Alessandra, you are my only baby left. Your brothers Marcel, Lionel and your sister Katherine are all gone. Queen Regina will take care of you. I don’t wanna lose you but I can’t lose the farm.”

“Mama but if you’re sick then I don’t wanna leave.”

“This is your only chance.”

         Mama began coughing and I helped her over to the basin. I held her hair behind her head and watched as she coughed up the blood. I couple drops of blood splattered onto my dress but I hid them before Mama could see. She had spent a couple weeks making that dress and used up every last shilling. She finished coughing and I helped her to her little straw bed in the corner. I put a cold rag on her forehead and stared into her green eyes that were so much like mine. Mama always said that I was her spitting image. I heard carriages pull help and heard Queen Regina thunder through.

“I love you Mama, goodbye.”

         Queen Regina blew the door open with a wave of magic and smiled at my poor Mama lying in the bed. Her majesty wore a black dress with red lace. Her face was painted white and she wore black lipstick. Her hair was fastened with a feather tiara. She came over to my poor mama and kissed Mama’s head. Mama took the queen’s gloved hand and whispered.

“Please Regina take care of my daughter.”

“Oh Zelena you know I will. Why didn’t you ever tell me where you went? I’ve been looking for you sis. You could’ve come and lived with me in the palace. You could’ve lived with me and Robin.”

“Because Regina, I had to take care of my daughter. My husband was a peasant and I’m only a bastard. Poh o Mama Cora is in the back cornfield and her heart is in your mausoleum. Bury me with Mama heart and all.”

“Zelena I wish I could do something but you have always been stubborn.”

“Regina take Alessandra and raise her like the mother I know you are.”

“She’s fourteen! I want a baby!”

“Alessandra this is your mother and Regina this is your daughter.”

         With that Mama breathed her last breath and I watched as her head turned to the side and her arm stretched out. I buried my head in Regina’s shoulder and she held me as she rocked back and forth. She stroked my hair and hugged me tighter with each passing moment. I pulled away and we walked out the door and climbed into the carriage. I shed a couple tears for my mama but the back ebony carriage had me mesmerized. I was to be Princess Alessandra, the niece of Queen Regina and King Robin. The kingdom knew me as a bastard but as of right now I was the heir to the throne even though I held no claim.

         I looked back at the little shack as we approached the outskirts of Oz and outskirts of my animal kingdom. I had always been the princess among the cows, pigs, ducks and the birds. The bees had bowed at my presence. Mama always said the bees bowed in the presence of a true queen. They had never bowed to Mama and as far as I knew hadn’t ever bowed to Regina. I looked back and then felt a hand on my shoulder. I hugged Regina and fell asleep in her lap.

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