All I Want

All Regina wants is a baby. She carried twins for three months. She gives birth to Heather three months early. She carries Hope and Hope is exactly what hope is. Hope that things will get better. All Regina's wants is a baby in her arms. Will she get what she wants or have to keep wanting. All I Want.


1. Rebecca and Elizabeth

Regina pushed the hospital door open and ran to Robin’s room. Just a few moments ago she had received a call that her beautiful husband was dying and wanted to say goodbye one last time. Regina ran into Robin’s room and found him on the bed barely breathing and barely moving. She placed her head on his chest and heard a faint heartbeat. She laced her fingers into his and cried. Her diamond wedding ring sparkled next to his golden one. Regina placed another hand on her slightly swollen abdomen and held both her loves that day. Regina held Robin’s hand and stared at him, she watched each breath and felt each gentle squeeze of his hand. Her heart was breaking as the life slowly drained out of him.

         Regina watched his last breath and cried. He didn’t even get to share his last words with her. He didn’t even get to see the birth of his third and fourth child. Regina was carrying twins and her husband wouldn’t get to see them. Regina pushed open the hospital door and was just about to step out when she heard her name being called.

“Regina wait don’t go.”

         Regina turned around and found Robin staring at her. His eyes were almost closed and he was breathing with the help from the oxygen machine. Regina walked back and sat at the edge of the bed. She tried to start conversation to ease her pain of his death.
“The twins, they’ll be born soon. I don’t know what to name them yet.”

“Elizabeth and Rebecca like we picked out.”

         Robin put his strong hand over his wife’s belly and felt his strong daughters kick. Regina put her slender hand over his and cried.

“Robin I won’t lose you. I’ve lost love before. I’ve lost you once. I won’t lose you again.”

“I love you Regina.”

“My sister died and left us with her daughter. Your ex-wife died and left us with your son. Henry and his mother moved to the Enchanted Forrest with Liam and Mila. Snow White and David moved back to the Enchanted Forrest. You are all I have left. I won’t lose you.”

“When I die take the children to the Enchanted Forrest. Raise them in the Dark Palace. I love you Regina.”

“I won’t lose you. I can’t raise Roland without a father. I can’t raise Emerald Rose without a father. I sure as hell can’t raise my firstborn children without a father. “
“I wish I could see them.”

“If you only hold on a couple more months.”

“I won’t live six more months Regina.”

“Yes you will. You’ll live for years.”

         Regina kissed her husband’s lips and her wrapped his arms around her. She hated seeing the love of her life in such a state as he was now. Gold had told her that there was one way to keep him alive but that meant sacrificing the thing she loved most. It wouldn’t work because Regina loved Robin the most. She did love her children but Snow had a family, Henry had a wife and the babies were the only things she had left of Robin. She wouldn’t sacrifice Robin to save him.

“I love you Robin.”

         Regina kissed him and watched him breath his last breathe. He faded away and left Regina in a state of distress. Doctor Whale came to take Regina away and she fought with every ounce in her body. She screamed his name and called out to him. She pushed away doctors and used magic to utterly destroy the hospital. Storybrooke was empty of all family. Regina and Robin had made plans to move to the Dark Palace after the twins were born. Doctor Whale gave Regina some water and sat her down in a chair.

“Regina you need to stay calm. The distress can harm your children.”

“I don’t care about the twins. All I want is my husband!”

“Surely you don’t mean that?”
“Right now all I want is my husband!”

         Regina knocked Whale down with her magic and sprinted after Robin’s limp body. She knocked all the nurses and doctors down around him. She lay next to his cold body and cried. Regina let the tears flow as she held her husband’s hand in hers. His gold wedding band still shined like the day she placed it on his finger. Her diamond ring still sparkled like the day he put it on her finger. She put her head on his chest and listened for even a faint echo of a heartbeat. She got up and stood. She looked down at her belly and felt the two heartbeats of her twins. The last thing she and Robin would ever share together. Rebecca and Elizabeth.

“Oh Robin how I would do anything in the world to get you back again? I won’t lose you again. I’ve lost you already and I won’t lose you again.”


         Regina got up from the hospital bed and kissed Robin. She walked down the hall and pushed open the hospital side entrance. She placed a hand over the child that grew within her and cried. Her husband was dead and now she would have to raise her four little children without a father. The two children at home were now orphans and would have to be raised by their stepmother. Regina decided before going home she would take a little walk. Ella didn’t mind watching two little children for a bit longer.

         Regina took a few steps and collapsed in agonizing pain. She fell on the ground and skinned her knees; she skinned the palms of her hands. Regina quickly healed her wounds but there was one she couldn’t heal. Blood trickled between her legs and soaked her dress through. The bottom of her blue dress turned purple as it was stained with blood. Regina turned around and hobbled to the door. Her two hands held on to her twins and she wailed. A nurse ran to get a chair while another got Dr. Whale. Regina was wheeled to an examination room and cleaned up. Dr. Whale examined her and came back a few minutes later with some bad news.

“Regina I’m afraid you’ve miscarried both twins.”

“No! NO! NO! I can’t lose the twins! I just lost my husband! I won’t go home knowing that my stepchildren are all I have of Robin!”

“Regina we’re going to keep you overnight.”

         Regina sat in the hospital bed a few hours later. She lost everything, every tooth, every little smile, and every little giggle. She lost her twins, she lost two of everything, and she lost the sweet kisses. Regina was heartbroken and no magic could cure her heartbreak. Her firstborn children were gone. Two graves would be dug in the cemetery and laid next to Zelena and next to Robin. Regina’s grave would be the only grave with one date. With her miscarriage Regina had lost everything.

“Regina, can I come in?”

         Regina looked up with sadness hidden in her eyes. Standing at the door was Robin. He was alive but Regina was still sad. Robin came in and sat at the edge of his wife’s bed. Regina just stared at him as he laced her fingers with hers.

“You lost the twins didn’t you?”

“I didn’t want this. I was going home to raise them alone but I guess my subconscious had already made the decision.”

“The things you love most are your kids. Our twins have a wonderful mother where they come first, I come second and you come last. That’s love and Regina we will have more.”

“You’re dead. This is just a figment of my imagination.”

“I’m alive. When Lizzie and Bex passed they sacrificed themselves for their papa. Those little girls are magical and knew that their mother would be sad without their father. Love means sacrifice Regina, not weakness.”

 “ ‘NO! This isn’t supposed to happen. You’re meant to be dead and I’m meant to have my children in my arms. IN six months I will hold them over your grave and say ‘This is your Father, who love’s you so.’ “

“Regina when the twins died, they sacrificed themselves for us.”

“I hate magic sometimes and wish it didn’t exist.”

“Regina, it’s going to be fine.”

         Regina looked at him and he wiped away her tears. He held her face in his hands and kissed her. She pushed him away, looked into his eyes and quietly asked.

“You aren’t mad at me?”

“Why would I be?”

“I carried Elizabeth and Rebecca around for three months. We already decorated the nursery and I lost them.”

“I’m not mad. We can try again when you feel better.”

“What if I miscarry again?”

“You won’t. And if you do, I will love you today, tomorrow and forever.”

“All I want is a child. It’s all I want.”

“It’s all I want too, Regina don’t worry. We’ll be fine.”

“I guess we should move to the Enchanted Forrest, so our people can go home and Storybrooke can crumble.”

“When you get better. I’ll go home and start packing trunks. I’m sure Emerald Rose is ready to use her magic.”

“I want my sister. I want Zelena. Where’s Zelena?”

“She’s in your vault.”

“What’s she doing there? Why isn’t she taking care of her daughter?”

“Regina did the miscarriage make you forget?”

“Forget what?”

“Zelena’s in your vault under a preservation spell. She passed away last year. Then everyone decided to move and wait until your pregnancy was finite.”

“I want my sister. I won’t rest without my sister.”

         Regina was a volcano of emotions. She would cry, wail, whimper, scream, throw fireballs out the window and make a ruckus. Robin didn’t know whether to leave or not. He was afraid that Ella would grow restless with the children or that Regina would turn Evil Queen on him. She did do that from time to time. Robin stepped out into the hall and called Ella.

“Yes Hello, Ella. It’s Robin. Would you mind bringing the children to the hospital? Regina’s in a state after her miscarriage.”

“Yes I would love to bring the children to see their father. It breaks my heart about the miscarriage. Emerald Rose and Roland have started packing. Em told me that Regina had miscarried.”

“I forgot she could see the future and feel almost everything.”

“I’ll bring them.”

         Back in Regina’s room she was looking at her clothes and feeling her hair. She turned to Robin when he came in and Robin knew his wife had gone Evil Queen. There was only one way to bring her out and she was in no condition.

“What the hell am I wearing?”

“Your clothes.”

 “This isn’t mine and where are my dresses?”

“Regina you need to calm down.”

“It’s your majesty.”

         Robin walked over to Regina and kissed her. She closed her eyes and lay back on the bed. All the machines made their noises and she breathed slowly. Robin sighed and sat down in the rocking chair. His wife did that from time to time and thanks the lord she didn’t do it that often. Her little spells usually happened when she was stressed, when nothing was working or her magical powers had been drained. Most of the time it was only hormones but she needed to get home. Robin wanted his wife in his arms and wanted her to be the strong woman he had married. 

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