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4. Two Pregnancies and One was Unexpected

A few minutes later Lana was on the table and a scan was started. The 3-D image came up and spun around. After the scan was made Lana was given a vaccine and blood was also drawn. Bex climbed onto the table and the same was done to her except something wasn’t quite right. Lana was the first to notice it. She pointed at an image on the image and raised her eyebrows.

“What was that? Go back. I want to see it again.”

The image was backed up and Lana zoomed in on the black blob. After a few minutes she took over the job of the droid and grabbed materials.

“Bex hold still, this might sting a little.”

Bex gripped the edge of the table and held her body straight. Lana inserted a needle just below Bex’s abdomen and pulled it out full of amniotic fluid.

“Lana, is something wrong with my baby.”

“No it just has the X gene and it’s not just a baby, it’s a superhuman.”

Lana walked over to a projector droid and inserted the syringe. She spoke to it in her commanding voice.

“Droid analyze and report!”

A few moments of whirring and buzzing a metallic voice answered Lana’s command.

“X Gene, girl. Father Marcus Kane, Mother Rebecca Mader. Five months along.”

A few moments later another medical droid came up and waited for the command to allow it to speak. It stood around for a few moments before Rebecca realized it was there. She nudged Lana and Lana spun around to face the droid.

“Droid, you are allowed to report.”

“ Our scans have picked up a trace of X gene in L. M. Parrilla’s blood scans.”

Lana looked at Bex with a worried look and took the digital result from the droid. She tapped into the computer and pulled up her scan on the screen. She walked back a few paces and stood next to Bex. They talked in hushed whispers.

“I don’t see any abnormalities in my blood work do you?”

“ No I don’t see any traces of X gene either.”

“Maybe the droids didn’t fully decontaminate after your labs.”

“Yes, the droids have been misbehaving lately.”

“Could be the solar flares and how far down we are.”

“Droid 3287 needs to report to the bay area!”

A humanoid silver droid came through the bay area door and stood ready for her commands. Lana handed her the blood work and asked.

“You reported that an X gene trace was found in my blood?”

“Yes Madame, traces of X gene has been found in your blood and Madame Rebecca’s.”

“What’s the cause?”

“We know that Madame Rebecca has a Y gene in her blood and so does Master Marcus. When two Y genes are combined you get the X gene. It’s very rare for them to combine naturally.”

“ We know all of this. Why do I carry the X gene? I don’t have any traces of Y gene in my blood.”

“Master Sean carries the Z gene. There is another way to create the X gene naturally. Do you have the A gene in your blood?”

Lana nodded and turned to Bex. After years of programming and coming down here everyday, they had never heard of another way to create the X gene. The droids were getting smarter by the second even if they knew not to harm humans.

“ Droid explain. Why were traces of X gene found in my blood?”

The silver droid walked over to the computer and replaced the lab workings. She pulled up the list of fluids and the list of genes carried in those fluids. Percentages were given as well.

“ Your blood contains A B C D E F G H I J K and M genes.”

“Yes please get to the point?”

“Your amniotic fluids contain 75% X gene.”

“Amniotic fluids, I’m not pregnant. I would know if I was.”

The droid knew not to hurt Lana but it took her arm and led her to the table were scans were made. Bex had been at that table only thirty minutes earlier. Bex had found out that she was carrying an X gene daughter. Lana was about to get the surprise of her life.

“ Scans complete. Analyzing results right now.”

After a few moments of whirring and machines beeping the silver droid read the results out loud from the control center. It’s human like voice seemed so calm and peaceful.

“X gen trace found little girl, five months. Mother Lana Parrilla Father Sean Maguire.”

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