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  • Published: 21 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
  • Status: Complete
The cover was made by Beautifully Music Nerd
Be sure to Pop by her Cover Store and order a cover or just comment on her masterpieces. I do covers but not that good


6. Time Travel

Rebecca got out of her seat and stepped into her changing room. When she left her hair was back in curls and she wore her leopard print dress and black heels. She got into the elevator and sat down in her seat. Lana sat down in her seat and commanded the droid to go.

“Droid 3443 please go as fast as you can without killing us.”

“ Copy that Madame.”

The little droid punched in the commands and soon the elevator began to move. It would be another hour before they got home. Then they would eat dinner together and part ways. Lana really wanted to stay with her best friend. After watching that video she really wanted her husband. She picked up the remote and turned American Horror Story on. She got up and and made two drinks. When she went to hand Bex the drink Bex just turned her head.

“Come on Bex it’s non alcoholic.”

“No, I want Marcus. Where did they go?”

“You mean when did they go?”

“Yes what time are they in. Maybe we can make a capsule and got to them.”

“Bex without a time turner it’s next to impossible and if we vanish then they can breech our security and find our robots. We must protect our kind.”

Lana sat down and Bex got up and stood in front of her. She bent down and got into Lana’s face.

“When are they? Where did they go?”

Lana pulled up the computer data and typed in Sean’s code. She typed in a few more commands and pulled up the dates. After a few moments she screamed.

“What? Did you find them?”

Lana turned to her friend and shook her head.

“Remember when I told you that Sean looks exactly like King Alexander of Enova?”

“Yes I don’t see how that matters to their time period.”

“That’s were they are and your husband is the king’s brother.”

“So we’re royalty. That’s great my baby, my X gene baby can grow up…”

Bex’s eyes grew sad when she realized what had happened. When Alexander was king all redheads were mute handmaidens and their children were killed upon birth. An X gene baby would be considered inhuman back then. X gene babies’ girls had unearthly beauty and couldn’t get hurt as easily as a normal baby. Bex realized that you couldn’t disguise an X gene. The elevator stopped and the two best friends climbed out of the elevator. They made their way to the parking lot and climbed into Lana’s red Volkswagen. 

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