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  • Published: 21 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The cover was made by Beautifully Music Nerd
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14. Sean's Story Ends

Sean left his daughter with her nurses and went to check on Mia. Whenever he thought of Mia all he could see was his wife Lana. Granted he enjoyed his life but it wasn’t the same. He was sure that Marcus missed Bex as well. Sean placed his crown back on his head and pulled on his uniformed coat. He paced the halls outside Mia’s bedroom and was saddened that he had changed history. At the break of dawn a nurse came out and beckoned him over.

“King Alexander and Prince Caspian. You have a beautiful daughter and niece. When Mercy awakens she’ll have a little sister. I hope your majesty is pleased.”

Sean walked into the room and saw Mia lying on the bed with her white nightdress and hair all sweaty. She held her baby in her arms and cast down her eyes when her husband entered. She mumbled a few words under her breath and then spoke.

“My apologies your majesty. I knew you wanted a son and I couldn’t provided that for you.”

Her eyes remained fixated on her newborn child and Sean walked over to her bed. He sat on the edge and lifted Mia’s lips to his. He kissed her soft lips and his head was flooded with images of him and his Lana. Mia brought him back to Enova with her sweet words.

“I thought you would be displeased as you were last time.”

“No last time I was angry with you for I wasn’t myself and this time I love you and both of my daughters with all of my heart.”

“What will you call your newest daughter?”

“Princess Ileana because she gives joy and hope wherever she goes. Ileana will grow and become the best princess Enova will ever see. As for Mercy she will grow in kindness and will grow to love her kingdom.”


Six years later Mercy was still alive and Ileana was still full of joy and hope. A prince had been welcomed into the family and he was called Prince Sean. Prince Sean was born on the day Mercy was to be crowned queen regent. Her coronation wasn’t stopped though for it was her brother that lost the kingdom the first time. King Sean was given the news of his son’s birth as he was giving Mercy the crown.

“His Royal Majesty has news and a statement to make.”

Sean turned to Marcus and Marcus readied his blade. He had instructions to kill Sean upon his command and then kill himself.

“ I have news that I King Alexander have been given a son.”

Mercy’s eyes lowered but her father lifted up her chin.

“From this day forward I don’t care if your firstborn is a girl or not. From this day forward all firstborns shall be king or queen regardless if they have a younger brother.”

Sean placed the crown on Mercy’s head and gave Marcus the sign. He kissed his daughter’s forehead and whispered.

“I love you!”

He turned to the crowd and let his hand fall. Marcus rushed at him and his last words were.

“Presenting Her Royal Majesty Queen Mercy of Enova! Long live the queen!”

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