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10. Sean's Story Begins

Sean and Marcus held the time button between them and stared at their new discovery. Marcus kept turning it over and over in his hands. He tried to read the ancient inscriptions but kept stalling at this one particular word.

“Albeniz Abebi Albeit Atbara.”

“Marcus its no use. We can’t destroy it with the ancient spells because neither of us can pronounce one freaking word!”

“Sean. Hand me your hammer of doom.”

Sean took out his golden hammer and handed it to his friend.  Marcus placed the time button on the ground and swung the hammer down. A white light shone and Marcus turned to his friend.

“Marc I think you just activated it!”

“I know what I just did Sean!”

The two stared at the light as it came around them both and then nothing. Sean opened his eyes and saw people bowing to him. Horns blew a merry tune and a lady held his hand. The lady looked exactly like Lana and she wore a beautiful red cloak. The cloak was trimmed in gold and underneath her red cloak she wore a cream colored dress trimmed with seed pearls. The two sat atop matching white horses and people bowed all around them. Sean gazed at Lana and noticed that a child swelled within her. Her hair was chocolate brown and was worn down. Her curls stopped at her hips and atop her hair was a diamond tiara.

Sean looked down and saw that he wore a navy blue uniform that had gold trim. He felt a heavy crown on his head and his hair was cut short. He had a detailed sword at his side and wore white hand gloves. Sean and Lana rode for hours. An entourage of people followed them and few words were spoken. Sean’s life seemed to shatter when they entered a village. The horn blowers ran ahead and got into position. Sean looked back and saw Marcus following at a steady pace. Marcus looked dazed and confused as well.

“Presenting His Royal Majesty King Alexander of Enova.”

Sean’s horse moved forwards as it had been trained to do. Sean just smiled and waved his hand.

“Presenting Her Royal Majesty Queen Miamiamo of Enova.”

Queen Mia’s horse moved forwards and she placed her hand in Sean’s. She bent over and whispered so sweetly and softly.

“ You look like the King you are Alex. Don’t worry.”

Sean looked back at Marcus and saw him riding behind another person. It was a child. She looked exactly like her mother. She wore a navy blue dress with silver trim and a silver tiara on her head. Her brown hair was braided into a single braid down her back and she rode on a white horse just like the rest of the royal entourage.

“Presenting Her Royal Highness the Princess Mercy of Enova.”

After Mercy was led through the town gates Marcus came next. He had no wife or children with him and he had no crown upon his head. He wore a uniform much like Sean’s except his was decorated with bronze trim. He rode a white horse; the horse was entirely white except it had a black spot on its left side.

“Presenting His Royal Highness the King’s brother and Duke of Enova; Prince Caspian the Second of Enova.”

Caspian or Marcus rode through the gates with his head held tall. The Royal entourage rode through the town and Sean knew that no royal or king was allowed to follow behind his family. Sean knew from experience that a king or prince was too hold himself up with respect and love for his country. He rode through on his horse and held his queen’s hand. He looked back at Mercy and gave her a smile. She normally didn’t smile back. He smiled at his people and they didn’t smile either. Sean had known that his ancestor King Alexander had been a harsh king, he didn’t know was that he mistreated his children and queen.

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