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13. Mercy's Ailment

Mercy’s screams tore Sean away from the window. Marcus forced his way into the hall with an ailing Mercy in his arms. If he were Alexander he would have dismissed the cries and would tell her to stop her wailing for she would disrupt her mother’s labor. Sean wasn’t Alexander except only in name and he took his daughter out of his brother’s arms and held her.

“Mercy what ails you child?”

“Papa it hurts! It hurts, please save me!”

Sean turned to Marcus and raised his brow. Marcus stood and told every aspect of the story.

“Princess Mercy and I went riding to check on the bees in the Western field. Upon arrival she refused to put on her protective garments. She ran up to the beehive and was stung for spooking the bees. We rode home as fast as we could for I knew she would be harmed from the stings.”

“Mercy is this true?”

“Yea save me!”

“All the nurses are with your mother. I will help the best I can and so will Uncle Caspian.”

Sean stared into her brown eyes and pulled his fingers through her soft hair. She would catch the flu along with the stings and very soon she would die. He couldn’t alter the past any more but the tiny ten year old in his arms showed him that he would do anything for his ancestors.

A few moments later the sun had set almost completely and no sign of a new baby was brought. The men that controlled the fireworks still manned the stations and when the sun was down completely Sean and Marcus both knew that they had changed the past and hopefully hadn’t changed the future that much. Sean sat with Mercy all through the night. He wore nothing but his white shirt and black breeches. On his feet he wore black loafers. His crown had been put away for the night and Marcus kept returning with more cold water. Every time Mercy stirred in her sleep Sean was there to calm her down.

“It’s okay Mercy you’re fine. No harm will come to you.”

“Papa read me a story.”

“ How about I speak one to you.”

“That’s fine.”

“Once Upon a Time in a far away land there was a brave and noble thief who fell in love with the Queen of Enova. The thief loved his queen and she loved him with all her heart. But, the Queen was married to the King and together they had a child who was brave and noble as well. The Queen and King’s daughter was well up in her years and she had a daughter who was about to be married. The Queen loved her daughter and granddaughter and she would love the child her granddaughter carried. Regina was in love with Robin and she loved him with all her heart. The days came to pass that the king died and the princess became the ruler. Queen Snow died shortly after and Regina married Robin. Queen Emma and King Killian had a son and their son Liam married his aunt Arrow. Arrownione and Liam might have been aunt and nephew but their love endured all things and one day Arrow gave birth to a beautiful daughter. That daughter married a kind and noble king. That king and queen had a beautiful daughter… They named their daughter Mercy.”

“Was the princess Mother?”

“Yes baby, yes you are the direct descendant of Queen Regina and King Robin. Queen Regina and King Robin had Queen Arrownione. Queen Arrownione had Queen Miamiamo and Queen Miamiamo had the Princess Mercy.”

“Night Papa.”

“Good night Mercy, I love you.”

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