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  • Published: 21 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The cover was made by Beautifully Music Nerd
Be sure to Pop by her Cover Store and order a cover or just comment on her masterpieces. I do covers but not that good


5. Marcus and Sean Vanish

Lana couldn’t believe her ears she and Bex rejoiced for a few moments. Their happiness was short lived. In their happiness they had stayed away from the command center for a little too long. Droid 677 came running in with an urgent message. He spoke out loud without permission and led Lana and Bex to run towards the command center. When they arrived red lights flashed all around and alarms were going off. Lana took her station and started flipping switches and pressing buttons. Bex took her station and typed in commands.


Lana got on the intercom and spoke very calmly into the computer.

“DROIDS 1 through 9999 please report to the bay area and man your weapons. You will attack when you are told.”

Rebecca turned her chair around and stared at Lana like she was crazy.

“Lana are you crazy? We don’t even know if it’s a breech or not.”

“Rebecca I’m positive. We need to…”

Lana didn’t finish her sentence. She turned back around to the controls and pulled up the message decoder on screen. She hit a couple buttons and then hit the play button. She wheeled her chair back and pulled Bex with her. A video came up and it was Sean and Marcus.

“Sean where are you?”

“I’m over here Marc. Look what I found!”

Sean held up a time turner and he placed it in his bag. Marcus came into the cave with a time button in his hand.

“Do you want to go home?”

“Yes Marcus I want my wife.”

“Let’s go home.”

The two vanished and the video cut off. Lana went back to the controls and turned off the extra materials that weren’t needed to run the control center at night. She stood up and vanished down the hall. A few moments later she arrived back again in her zebra print dress and red heels. She took her hair down and applied lipstick. Rebecca stayed in her seat. Her hands with their neon green nails were placed over her stomach. She might have been five months but you couldn’t tell.

Lana came back in the room and shut off the rest of the computer monitors. She grabbed her car keys and patted Bex’s shoulder as she walked past.

“Come on it’s six o’clock let’s go.”

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