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  • Published: 21 Apr 2017
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The cover was made by Beautifully Music Nerd
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9. Marcus and Sean Return

The next few years were full of Hope and Maria playing whilst the mums worked tracking the dads. It was hard at first; days were full of questions about where daddy was. Hope and Maria were inseparable. The girls were exact copies of their mommas and it hurt so much when Lana looked at her daughter and saw bits of Sean in her eyes and in her nose and ears. When Rebecca looked at Maria she saw her husband in so many different ways. The girls were loved from that moment they were born. They didn’t know of the cruel world above ground. All they knew was that they lived in a world full of four humans and millions of droids at their beck and call. Each day they would dine at a new restaurant and each night sleep in a different bed. Their moms would be constantly moving from one command center to the next. Six years later all systems were running and the days were full of bringing Uncle Sean and Uncle Marcus home.

On one particular day Lana was in the lab trying to finish one last piece of chemical to install in the time portal that would drag both husbands from the past and yet capture them in their age they were now. It was hard to perfect this and Lana had asked for absolute silence. That morning Bex came in and watched. Lana snapped at her and cried.

“Bex not now. Go take the girls on a picnic. I need silence. Take the car I don’t care. I want to finish this today.”

“Okay, I’ll see you later.”

It was six hours later and Maria had found her way into the lab. That girl was so smart she could hack any security. She was only six and already both girls contained full X gene skills.

“Auntie Lana what are you doing?”

“Trying to bring back your Uncle and daddy.”

“Can I help?”

Her blue eyes and red hair were so adorable that it was hard to say no. Lana had to go with a different approach.

“I don’t think you understand.”

“May I try?”

“Be careful.”

Lana took a step back and watched her niece work. Maria mixed chemicals and added odds and ends to her concoction. To Lana some of the stuff shouldn’t have been added but the girl was having fun. Rebecca came in with Hope and just stared at her daughter. She started to say something but Lana said.

“Let her work. Maybe she’ll crack the code. She is an X gene.”

Soon Hope joined her cousin and began adding this and that to her own concoction. Hours later the girls threw the concoctions together and added a vial of the solution to the portal. First nothing at first but then the girls took a step back into their mother’s arms and the portal began to glow. A hand appeared and then an arm. Then the whole hooded figure walked out and another figure followed. The portal shut and the figures discarded their robes.







It was a bittersweet reunion and after explaining six years to their husbands. The men took a turn and told their story while their wives leaned against their shoulders and they bounced their daughter’s on their laps.

“It all started when I gave you the information about me finding the time turner and the time portal.”

“So I took the portal from Sean and decided to smash it. I wanted to get home to my wife and the unborn child she carried.”

“He didn’t smash it. It was activated and we were sucked in.”

“When we finally were out we were in a strange land and people were bowing to us. We were in strange clothes and they called.”

“They called me His Royal Highness the King’s brother.”

“They called me His Royal Majesty the King Alexander and immediately I knew what happened. A lady was beside me and she looked exactly like you except she wasn’t. She was called by all she was called Queen Miamiamo and their was a girl who looked like you Hope.”

“What her name Daddy?”

“Princess Mercy.”

“My middle name?”

“Yes Hope Mercy Parrilla Maguire!”

“Hope, let your father talk.”

“Yes Mama.”

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