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  • Published: 21 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The cover was made by Beautifully Music Nerd
Be sure to Pop by her Cover Store and order a cover or just comment on her masterpieces. I do covers but not that good


2. Good and Bad News

Lana and Rebecca entered the parking lot and drove up to the door. Both of them stepped out of the car and Lana handed the keys to the valet. The girls were handed their key cards upon entering the building and then they walked up to the elevator. The elevator accepted their cards and proceeded to ask a series of questions.

“Names please.”

“Lana Maria Parrilla.”

“Rebecca Leigh Mader.”




“Passwords accepted, please step into the cleansing chamber.”

       The elevator door opened up to a magnificent room with levers and button up one side. A robot was stationed at the bottom and acted upon command. It would be a long ride to the command center. Once inside the elevator the ladies helped themselves to a few drinks and sat down in a few black recliners. Lana typed in the commands into the computer and after a few moments the engines could be heard whirring and buzzing.

“So Lana how have you been?”

“I’ve been well. Sean and I have decided to remodel our house. All the red seems a bit too much and I’m getting a silver Camaro convertible.”

“That’s wicked. Marcus and I are actually remodeling our house as well. I miss him. Has Sean given you any news about their location.”

“That’s why I called you in today. We need to find the team they aren’t on our maps as they’re supposed to be.”

Bex sat her drink down and placed her head in her hands. You could hear her cries from miles around. She wanted her husband; she didn’t want her baby to grow up without a daddy. Lana sat down next to her friend and rocked Bex back and forth.

“Bex what’s the matter?”

“I’m pregnant.”

“You’re what?”

Rebecca raises her head and stares into Lana’s brown eyes with her blue eyes. She repeats what she had just said.

“I am carrying Marcus’s child and you just said he could be dead!”

“Bex everything will be fine. Why do we think we’re going down five hundred floors?”

Lana went back to her seat and watched Bex continue to shed tears. Lana got up to make another drink and she drank it down in one swallow. She made another drink and sat back down in her chair. She checked her computer and promptly stated.

“We’re about twenty minutes down. Another forty minutes to go. Bex, it will all be fine in the end.”

Bex reached for the TV remote and turned on her favorite show. Game of Thrones music blared from the stereo and the two friends watched TV and drank wine in silence for another forty minutes. When the trip down the elevator was over the two ladies got out and entered their office.

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