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  • Published: 21 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The cover was made by Beautifully Music Nerd
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11. Fixing the Past

“Would his royal majesty like the biggest bedroom in the house?”

Sean smiled down at the lady and climbed off his horse. He helped his wife down and turned to the lady.

“It doesn’t matter. What is your name my lady?”

“Lady Esmeralda, sire.”

She curtseyed and Sean bowed to her.

“It is I who should bow to you. You have allowed my family and servants to lodge in your house during this tour. I thank you Esmeralda and if Mia permits…”

He turned to Mia and saw nothing but Lana in her eyes and face.

“My dearest would you like another lady to wait upon you?”

“Really you haven’t….”

Sean remembered that after Alexander’s daughter was born he never allowed Mia to have another Lady in waiting. Alexander had even gotten rid of half of Mia’s ladies. Alexander had also named his daughter Mercy because it was at God’s mercy that Enova didn’t fall to pieces that day. Mercy was another reason why Sean had decided long ago that if he and Lana were to have a daughter her name would be Hope Mercy.

“Lady Esmeralda when we leave to return home I will send for you and you will become a member of the Queen’s court.”

Esme dropped into a deep curtsey and gave her biggest smile. Nobody had ever seen her smile before and they were grateful that the old mean King had taken a change of heart. Sean led Mia to her chambers and then turned to go find his daughter Mercy. Mercy was in her room reading a book. When he entered she hid the book under her dress and glanced out the window.


The child turned her head around and gazed at him. Sean remembered that it wasn’t soon after her tenth birthday that she was taken by the flu. The flu had taken Princess Mercy just hours after her younger sister’s birth. King Alexander hadn’t been too happy to have another daughter either. Sean knew that he couldn’t mess too much with the past or bad things would happen.

“Yes Father?”

“What book are you reading?”

“A book his majesty wouldn’t approve of.”

“Ah I see! May I see your book?”

Mercy pulled the book out from under her dress and handed it to Sean. He read the title and quickly learned that it was in Enovian. Alexander never let his daughters or wife read Enovian books. They were full of tales about daring princes and damsels in distress.

“ A Collection of Enovian Tales by Robin Hood.”

“Yes Father, do you approve.”

“Robin Hood is my favorite author. He was such a kind and noble hero in his time. To bad he died only a few years ago.”

“Yes Father, he really was a brave soldier. I think Robin would have made a fine man in marrying Queen Regina but he married Lady Marian soon after finding that Regina was married to King Leopold and pregnant with his child.”

Sean chuckled and handed the book back to Mercy. He kissed her head and left the room. He checked in on Mia and found her sleeping silently with her hands on her swollen belly. If he could remember his father telling him that Mia was the daughter of Queen Arrownione and King Liam. Queen Arrow was the bastard daughter of Robin Hood and Queen Regina. King Liam was the son of Queen Emma and King Killian. It was a tangled web weaved over centuries of stories. A few years ago before he met Lana his show producers had wanted to tell his family story and call it OUAT. Sean refused the offer and the show never took place. 

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