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8. First X-Gene Birth

It was about two weeks before delivery date and the two best friends stopped by the underground café to discuss baby care arrangements. It was obvious that they would leave the droids to keeping up with the city but they didn’t trust any droid with X gene babies. Lana ordered a cappuccino and Bex ordered a macchiato. The two discussed arrangements over fresh baked croissants and also discussed baby names. They discussed husbands and how boring it was with just the two of them living in an underground city. All the other humans were miles above ground and thought them to be dead or out of state.

“It’s so hard to live with only one person as a companion.”

“I know the feeling. Soon we’ll be four people but I was wondering.”

“I was also wondering if it was possible to wake up others.”

“Rebecca that’s not a good idea. We can’t trust humans who have no idea what’s happening. When our husbands and us collaborated and put them to sleep this city was only in it’s first stages. We have entered the last stages weeks before delivery the first naturally conceived X gene daughters.”

Rebecca drank her macchiato slowly and nibbled on her croissant. Lana was busy drinking her cappuccino and when she was done she ordered a frappe. The two just sat in silence for a few moments and it was well know that Lana was the right person in the situation. After about a couple drinks Bex decided to pick up the conversation on a new subject.

“Well have you picked out a name?”

“Sean and I had decided years ago that our baby girl would be named Hope. Even in the toughest times hope never ends and it never vanishes. Her name will be Hope Mercy Parrilla Maguire. What are you going to name your daughter?”

“Marcus and I never really discussed the issue. He wanted to wait until after his mission was completed to start a family. I haven’t really thought about it.”

Rebecca looked her macchiato and just stared into it. Lana placed her hand over her friends and Lana’s eyes were so soft and they gave Bex a sense of calm. It was okay to continue. They would get through it together.

“ One time Marcus did mention that he really liked the name, he said he really liked your name. These past few months have been so hard. I don’t have my husband but you were the only one that stayed and kept me from myself.”

“So her name will be Lana?”

“No Maria, Maria Leigh Mader Kane.”

“Hope and Maria. The first X gene daughters.”

A dark spot slowly spread over Lana’s red dress. She clutched her stomach in pain and stared at Bex with a shocked look. Bex climbed off her stool and assisted Lana to the door. At the door something happened to Bex, her water broke as well and the contractions started. Bex laughed and sarcastically remarked.

“I forgot that you never give X gene babies their names unless you want them to be born in that exact moment.”

After hours of antagonizing pain and holding each other’s hand while the droids worked. It brought Hope and Maria into the little underground word with metallic humans and artificial oxygen. The baby cries brought tears to the mothers’ eyes when Lana and Bex each held their new daughters in their arms.

An X gene baby has a full head of hair, the perfect eyes, skin and a glow about them when they are born. They are invincible to common things that would normally harm a normal baby. The only things that can physically harm an X gene are fire, bullets and metal knives. A mother must be careful when caring for her newborn. The name of an X gene baby must hold meaning and have significant power behind it. An X gene baby can only learn from a droid and the mother is it’s human guide. An X gene baby is basically a superhero or artificial intelligence in human form.

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