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  • Published: 21 Apr 2017
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The cover was made by Beautifully Music Nerd
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18. Coronation

Almost hours later Lana and Sean entered the cathedral. Both Lana and Sean wore a navy blue outfit with a red and silver cape upon their backs. A tiny infant slept in her mother’s arms as the two walked down the aisle to be crowned. Halfway down Lana bent over and whispered something into Sean’s ear.

“A funeral, two births, a coronation and two christenings all in the same day. Should we have the feast tomorrow?”

“Nonsense Mia!”

“Alexander!” Lana said playfully with joy in her voice.

       The merry trumpeters blew their horns and whimsical music came out. The royal presenter took his place at the entrance and spoke his words loud and clear. Lana managed to hold her daughter and peek around the guards to find Rebecca holding her baby and Marcus standing proudly at the side.

“His Royal Highness Prince Alexander and Her Royal Highness Princess Miamiamo.”

       “Do you Prince Alexander of the Enovian kingdom promise to protect your people and to lead them in times of need and lead them in all times until your reign shall end?”

“I promise.”

The priest took the anointing stick and handed it to Sean. He stood up and faced the crowd. He held his scepter in his right hand and the orb in his left. The people clapped and the mothers smiled because they held babies in their arms. Sean turned back around and knelt before the priest once more. A young boy ran up the aisle with a wooden box in his hand and opened it before the priest. The father took out a simple golden crown with designs engraved and placed it on Sean’s head. Everyone gasped and waited for the crown to glow or fall black. The crown had the power to tell if the blood ruler was the right fit for the crown. If you weren’t fit to rule your crown was given to your sibling. The crown would only glow on top of the head of a true Enovian king, over only the purest of hearts and a person who never lies. The crown glowed on Sean’s hand and the people rejoiced.

“Rise King Alexander and greet the people of Enova!”

“Presenting His Royal Majesty King Alexander. The king of Enova and the ruler of the people.”

Lana handed her daughter to the nurses and knelt in front of her king. It was customary for the ruler’s spouse to be crowned by the ruler and then confirmed by the father of the church. Sean smiled as his wife knelt before him. Their eyes locked for only a few moments and he smiled.

“Do you Princess Miamiamo promise to uphold the laws of the land. Be a good mother to my children, care for the sick and sell jewelry when and if the time comes? Give my heir advice if I should die and become the wife of a man to save my kingdom?”

“I Princess Miamiamo promise to uphold the laws of the land. I promise to be a good mother to your children, care for the sick and sell my jewelry when and if the time comes. I promise to give your heir advice if you should die and I will become the wife of any man to save your kingdom.”

Sean took another crown from the box and this time it was smaller and silver. It had tiny sapphire embedded into the silver and once set upon Lana’s head it would either shine or grow dark. Every crown ever made in Enova was given the special ability to judge character and indeed that’s what the crown did. Lana was handed a scepter and orb by the priest and a prayer was said over her.

“I give you the once Princess Miamiamo today I give you Queen Mialana of Enova. Your protector and earthly mother please Rise Queen Mialana. Rise and greet your kingdom.”

Lana stood up and held her husband’s hand for the entire kingdom to see. They left the cathedral with Rebecca and Marcus following with their newborn daughter with them as well. A few hours later Lana and Sean returned to the cathedral for their daughter’s christening and baptism. Lana wore her new crown and a sapphire blue dress. The little princess wore a cream christening gown and tiny silver shoes. Sean wore his navy blue uniform and his golden crown. Rebecca and Marcus followed their new rulers with their new daughter. Rebecca wore an emerald green dress with gold trim. She wore a silver tiara in her hair and held her daughter in her arms. The new duchess wore lavender christening gown and pink slippers. Her father wore his emerald green uniform. 

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