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  • Published: 21 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The cover was made by Beautifully Music Nerd
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12. Change takes Time

Sean left the house and met Marcus in the courtyard. Guards were all around so they wouldn’t be able to call each other by their real names. Marcus stood with the time turner in his hand and a picture of his wife in the other.

“One day soon brother. Soon young Caspian we will be back at the capital of Enova with our loved ones beside us.”
“Alexander do you miss them dearly as I do.”

“Yes I miss our parents every day of the year.”

“I can’t believe that they are gone. They are so far into the future.”

“We’ll find them again one day. I’m sure they are spending every waking hour concocting some potion to get us home.”

“I hope you are right. Hopefully it won’t be too long.”

“Hopefully I’ll have time to save Mercy. Remember me telling you about how she dies soon after my great great great great great Grandmother Mia have Princess Ileana?”

“Yes, I do recall something along those lines.”

“Well it hasn’t happened yet and I hope to God it doesn’t. I mean to fix this country and to fix it means time. Alexander dies shortly after Mia gives birth and so did Caspian. We will die when the country is back on its feet and when Mia has another man to turn too. We will fix this country.”

“Yes Alexander you and I will fix the country.”

 The days came to pass and soon it was time for Queen Miamiamo to have her child. Even though Sean wasn’t her husband or the father of her children he still paced the hall with worry while screams could be heard all around the castle. Princess Mercy and her Uncle Caspian had ridden out that morning to examine the beehives in the Western parts of the castle lands. Sean paced back and forth through the halls. Every couple of minutes a nurse would open the door and peek out into the hall. When she spotted the king she would walk over to him and whisper in his ear.

“The Queen is doing well, the baby is almost here.”

“Thank you ma’am thank you.”

Sean stood by the window and gazed out into the sunset. If he was correct and if Alexander’s journals were accurate the baby was born just as the sun went down. Mercy had burst through the hall with a couple of bee stings and Caspian running behind her. Baby cries would be heard and fire works would go off almost immediately afterwards. Sean looked out the window and watched the setting sun. The warm rays cast a golden shadow over the lands and warmth radiated off the Earth’s surface. Enova at sunset was truly the most beautiful thing. Even after being here for three months and watching the setting sun, Sean never grew weary of Enova’s beauty. It was too bad that in a couple of years Enova would become a lost country a part of England and would be no more. 

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