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  • Published: 21 Apr 2017
  • Updated: 1 Dec 2017
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The cover was made by Beautifully Music Nerd
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17. A Royal Commotion

Sean took Lana’s arm and they lowered their heads with grief and waited to be announced. Lana and Sean stood directly behind the black coffin because it was to be announced as well. Marcus took her arm and led her into position as well. The lords, ladies, servants, and guards got into the procession as well. The horns sounded a sad tune and heads were raised. Tears spilled down faces as the line began to move. It was all an act that would eventually become a part of Lana and Bex’s lives just like it had become a part of their husband’s. Marcus squeezed her hand and they took small steps forward. They would be announced many times each day as they entered a room full of lower class people and nobles.

“Presenting the Late Royal Majesty King Marquis the First of Enova. He is to be laid at rest next to Princess Mia’s deceased family and the late Enovian queen.”

       Marcus lowered his head and Rebecca understood. When he became Prince Caspian he developed feelings that no one else would. King Marquis was Caspian’s father even though Marcus had never knew him. Bex leaned over and whispered into his ear.

“This family is a tangled web woven with decades of labor, love and pain.”

“Yes Marie, it is a tangled web woven.”

The procession moved forwards another few steps and the sad tune sounded again.

“Presenting His Royal Highness Prince Alexander of Enova and his wife Her Royal Highness Princess Mia, daughter of Queen Arrownione and granddaughter of Queen Regina and Sir Robin Hood of Loxley.”

       Lana and Sean entered through the gates just as a stabbing pain went through Rebecca’s body. She knew that feeling anywhere and she knew very well that she was in labor. The pain passed and she raised her head once more. She and Marcus had come to stand under the gates and become announced.

“Presenting His Royal Highness Prince Caspian and his wife the Duchess Marie of the Western Seas, daughter of King Francis of England and Dame Cora of Scotland. Soon a Princess of Enova wills she be.”

“What does that mean?”

“You are the bastard daughter of a king and a red head. In Alexander’s days red heads were normally transformed into mute handmaidens. You being the daughter of a King and a noble Dame you couldn’t be killed. You were forced to marry me and become a duchess of Enova. When Alexander becomes King you shall be crowned Princess and our child will be a duke or duchess of some other territory.”

       Another shooting pain went through Bex’s body and she cringed in pain. This time the pain didn’t go unnoticed. A handmaiden noticed and gestured for Princess Mia to hurry over. A commotion came about and Lana went into labor as well. The dead king was quickly placed in the ground and the entire entourage was ordered to hurry.

“We must go to the cathedral! We must have a new king before any heirs are born! We must hurry because we must have a ruler!”

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